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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Reviewed by Jonathan Well, I just rented this game and found it fairly easy. Another thing I found was that it had awesome replay value. From the combos, to the different things you can do in each level, I loved it. But how did the sound, graphics, and everything else do? Find out in my review!

Graphics - 8.8

What much can you expect from a 2-D side scroller? Yet like the past, Kirby shines and shows greatly in this area. There might not have been any spectacular ooing and aaing 3D effects, but the framerate and all did great. Kirby 64 is so colorful and every character has a unique color and look to them... well, except Kirby that is who is just pink. Pink and a face. But, hey, don't we love 'em that way????

Play Control - 9.5

It really is never hard to figure out how to control characters in a 2-D game. All you do is control with the pad, jump and fire things. They are also SO easy to learn that you barely even have to think about it. Some people might have trouble adjusting to the control pad after using the control sick soo much, though.

Sound - 9.5

I love the music of Kirby! Diversity at large - New music and your favorite tunes from the past. I recently got a bunch of CD's in the mail from Nintendo Power out of their catalog. One of them was Yoshi's Story (a 2-D side scroller). It was good, but each song was just a spinoff of one old tune. Kirby does better.

Replay Value - 9.3

As I said earlier, replay value is really good because of the NUMEROUS combos in each level. Plus, you could still go through the game and not get all 3 crystals in each level. Yet, the bad thing is you complete the came in a matter of a few days. This may hurt it a little.

Overall: 9.3

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