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Killer Instinct Gold

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Reviewed by Chris Vera Let me start by saying that Killer Instinct Gold was THE reason I bought my Nintendo 64. Anything before and after the release of this game is just gravy. I will not mention; however, the insanity and agony I went through prior to the release. I will not mention how I searched the WEB daily for three weeks scrounging for anything I could find on this game. I will mention that it is safe for you to assume that my expectations for this game were very high. I already knew what it should look like: KI2 I already knew what it should sound like: KI2 I already knew what it should play like: KI2 Looks, sound, and play....hmmmm, I'd say those are by far The most important factors in selecting a game for one's library. Fun-factor, difficulty, and the rest can all be looped back to the above mentioned. Let's begin. I was already prepared to miss the FMV in the game: I do miss it, but it really has nothing to do with the game itself, it just made you enjoy playing alone. Wouldn't it be cool if they create an "upgrade" of sorts when the 64DD is released, which contains the FMV and other goodies? I digress....I am sure you have already read about the game's intro. The N logo spins, blows up into little triangles, Rare logo enter swings open, "Presents" fades in and out kinda fancy and KIGOLD pops up with music and a voice saying "Killer Instinct"...not bad. ((((While you are at the title screen, press the Z button to view player stats and the such)))(((If you ever bought the Svideo cable for your SNES, it works with the N64 too!))) There are many evident options in this game, some you get, some you earn. O.k.:::THE GAMES' GRAPHICS ARE GREAT!!! The stages are well done, clear, crisp and every other good descriptive used describing superb graphics.****Two things though: The zoomed in characters(ie. At the end of matches and during Ultras) are kinda blurry and doesn't do much for me. What the programmers intended for this was not accomplished: "WOW COOL, Their HUGE"....sorry, I don't like it. 2. Some of the backgrounds scroll around a little funky: TJCOmbo, Tusk, etc. can get in the way of the game at times, but not a major kink.::::THE SOUND IN THIS GAME KICKS BUTT!!!! Several months ago, I downloaded all the characters stage music, recorded it on a cassette and played it in my car continuously( yeah I know, I'm a freak). Let me just say that I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED: ALL of the voices in the music are there and in STEREO. Orchids Jam and Combos funk are all intact......And YES, Gargos' stage music sounds the same''''''ROCK! The game sound effects are all there too, but the music is what I was really waiting to hear. :::::THE control (NOTICE HOW control IS NOT IN CAPS?) Here's where I have a bit of a problem with the game. PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND THIS WITH THE GAMES RESPONSE, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE N64 CONTROLLER USED FOR KIGOLD. This controller makes it hard to play the game. You know you can use the analog stick or the pad right? Well FORGET ABOUT THE ANALOG STICK.: It's too small and too sensitive, this game only has 8 directions remember? The oh thumb has gotten quite a beating using the pad or better "breaking it in" I call it this because after three months of Mario and no d-pad, the NEWNESS of the pad really shows. You have to break this thing in order to get the consistency you demand. NOTE: I have played everyday and I am still having some problems. The game characters respond well; however, as long as you can pull off the moves with your controller. So far, as I can see, All the moves and combos are here!!!!! THIS WAS A MUST. There was the look, sound, and feel of the game.

Overall score for Killer Instinct Gold for N64: 93.3% Graphics: 95% (-5% due to the Zoom thing and some background sacrifices) Sound: 97% (It's not a CD, but impressive for a cart.) Control: 88% (Could have been higher if the controller wasn't so stiff)

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