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Killer Instinct Gold

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Reviewed by Robert Broussard The arcade smash has finally reached the N64, and it has brought along some improvements. The most obvious of course is the backgrounds. Some of the stages are more interactive in that the background can be affected by the characters. The helicopter blade in Orchid's level, the broken piece of Glacius's spaceship, the columns in Tusk's stage, and the barrels in T.J. Combo's stage are some examples. What you do to the background can allow you to perform a stage knockoff.

Differences between KI Gold and KI2

Stages are interactive and 3-D New additions to the color pallet FMV's are missing Stage knockoffs are not as spectacular Tournament mode Team mode (just like MKT except you can choose between 2 and 11 man teams) Team eliminator mode (you eliminate your opponent by ultra, ultimate, no mercy, or stage knockoff) Practice and training modes Options, Options, and more Options!! Jago's spirit move is out Cheap juggles are in (toggled in the options menu) Graphics: (4.8) The only reason I didn't give a 5.0 is that the FMV's are missing, like I bought the game for the FMV's anyway. The graphics will blow your mind. The backgrounds have been improved drastically. You can now fight all the way around T.J. Combo's and Kim Wu's stage. I think you can know your opponent of every stage, but you have to figure out how to do it. (like destroy the right wall in Sabrewulf's castle) The detail is greater and the animation is smoother than in KI2. I would have to agree in the "60 frames per second" claim that Nintendo has made. Just like in the other versions on Killer Instinct, you can change your color, but some colors you have to "earn." Let me explain. If you complete the training mode on hard or medium with a B or better, you can now choose from the gold color (which is very sharp). If you complete the training mode with all A's in the difficulty set to hard, you can now choose the "master" color (which is basically a shadow) This works great in confusing your friend. You can only choose this color with the character you "earned" it with, and it will only work for the player 1 or player 2 (depending on which slot your controller was in). Sound. (5.0) The first thing I noticed when I turned on the game is the nice stereo sound blaring in my ears. It's the little things I noticed that helped me arrive at this rating. The clank of spinal's shield when he blocks and Tusk's chilling roar send chills up my spine. You can adjust the music through the vast number of options in this game. Control (4.5) I give this because new comers to this game will obviously have a difficult time adjusting to the controls, but you die hard KI fans will have no trouble at all. In the practice mode, you can press the Z-trigger to access a list of all of your character's moves. I really like this feature because it gives newcomers a fighting chance against more experienced players. The combos are easier to perform, especially since you have the training mode. The 70 + ultras are in this game just like in the arcade, the instruction booklet even tells you how do it! I already have a 73 hit ultra with T.J. Combo. You will definitely want to use the directional pad instead of the 3-D stick. The 3-D stick may come in handy when trying the difficult "no mercies." As far as the players' moves, the only one I couldn't get to work is Jago's spirit move. Gameplay (5.0) As if this game bores you at all, the extensive options let you customize this game drastically. You have the usual options such as: DIFFICULTY, SPEED, CONTROL, TEAM, TOURNAMENT. Then you have some unusual options. Some of my favorite options are: CHEAP JUGGLES (my highest combo is 90, I think that's where the counter stops), BLOOD (immediately set this to high), AERIAL CAMERA (a nice perspective), THROWS ON/OFF (I hate throws). Some options you have to earn by finishing the game at difficult levels. (BLOCKING ON/OFF and LUDICROUS SPEED are some examples) Don't worry tough, you won't have to earn the options every time. The game saves all of your high scores and "earned" colors. Lastability (4.5) There is so much depth into this game. The possible different combos for Jago alone exceeds 1 million. It would take you a long time to master this game. Even if you do, the extensive options will always allow you to have fun. Overall (4.8) This game is just too much fun to play. It is the closest arcade translation I have ever played. In some cases, as in the background, it is better than the arcade. There is rumored to be hidden characters in the game. I'm sure that Gargos is playable. For you Killer Instinct fans, this is a must buy. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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