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International Superstar Soccer 64

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Reviewed by International Superstar Soccer is the newest sports game for the N64. Some say it is the best soccer game ever, cause it's realistic, good announcing, and the play control is good too. I think it is the best soccer game I've played, but I have not played too much soccer games though. It is vary realistic and the graphics are very good. Let's look at the details. The graphics are very good. They are much better than FIFA and they're not so distorted at a high camera angle. What unique about this is that most of the players have different faces. There are lots of faces. This is especially good when you make up your player, you can choose from lots of faces. The sound is like nothing before. The announcer is great!! He gives you up to date information on the game. He does not just say "Robin Hood and his marry men are up to it again" he says stuff like "he still has possession" and "Oh, that could have decided it!" The one thing I don't like is when he says the team name, it's always the same tone of voice like for example: "that could have decided it for JAPAN!" or "that could have decided it for Nigeria" It just does not sound good. He also tends to say the team name too often. But I still think it's the best announcer there is in a N64 game! The control setup is very basic. I hate doing shoot outs, at first the control seems really weird, you have to move a cursor around which is where you'll go then you press a button to save or shoot. It's really awkward. The challenge is good. You can adjust your difficulty level in the options, then you can change how conditioned your team is, how many players, etc. You can also change those settings for the computer controlled opponent. They're are lots of modes to chose from when you start a game, from comp. Vs comp. to 1 player, 2 player, 3 player Vs. 4 player. This game is really fun! You can create players, and trade them. But the real players names are not used. You can adjust the time of day and condition you want, and stadium! The only thing I don't like is when you're playing a co-op mode it seems un even and strange when you go to a different player. You can't choose what player you are, but it's mostly the player closest to the ball. I don't like it that way, I think it would be better if we could change automatically. Well with a couple flaws, this game is the best soccer game I've played!

+ Plus: Great graphics, sound, and much more! - Minus: Announcer says team name too often, changing players is not great = Equals: THE BEST soccer game!!

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