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Iggy's Reckin Balls

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Reviewed by Davey Williams Iggy's Reckin Balls was made to be original and fun. I accomplishes both of those things fairly well. Iggy's Reckin Balls is like a "vertical racer" where you climb up and up maze-like tracks and try to get to the top first. You get to choose from one of eight Reckin Balls, which are little head-like characters, before each race. Most of the Reckin Balls look a little cute, but this is not a cute game. It is very frantic and every opponent will do their best to knock you out of the way or throw you off the side. It's challenging too because if you make one small mistake, you probably won't get first place. While this game is fun, you have to be a quick-thinker if you want to win some of the tougher levels.

Graphics 6.4 out of 10

The graphics in this game aren't that great. There are no parts of the game where you stop to look at the sights. This just isn't one of those games. When your climbing as fast as you can to the top o a maze trying to avoid all mistakes you could possibly make, the graphics won't be that important to you. The graphics aren't terrible though. This is a Nintendo 64 game made in 1998, so they have to be somewhat good. The main focus when designing this game was probably put into making all of the 100+ courses different from the others in some way. I'm still not quite sure whether this is a 2D or 3D game.

Music and Sound 7.2 out of 10

The music in this game is average. Nothing too great and nothing that's going to want to make you mute it. The music is basically techno music. There aren't many different songs in this game, but you probably won't memorize them because you'll be too busy trying to make it to the top as fast as you possibly can. The only thing that might get annoying is the Reckin Balls' voices. they are a little cutesy, but they aren't that bad, in my opinion. I just ignore them with the exception of their little phrase they say when they win the race. Still, the voices in the game give each of the Reckin Balls a little bit of personality, which is good. Hopefully the sound in this game won't drive you crazy with all the action.

Game Challenge 7.6 out of 10

This game is not too challenging overall, but some of the later courses will get you playing for a couple hours so you can get them Perfect (getting first place on all 10 courses). When you begin the game and start at the easy levels, this game is probably pretty simple if you know how to play and have been through the training mode. From then on the difficulty starts to come on quick. There is an easy way to beat each level if you are having trouble though. Just invite over 3 inexperienced friends. There are only four Reckin balls in each race. You can also start the course over at any time if you've gotten into a mess with no cost at all. The hardest part of the game is getting the Perfects, but Time Trials are challenging to. The game already has some pretty good scores for each level that come with the game. It will take a few tries to beat them. I think that this game will always be challenging, even for experts, because if you try to hard, you'll most likely make more mistakes, that can be very costly

Game Play-Fun 8.6 out of 10

This is what the game was made to be. Choosing a Reckin Ball is fun by itself, because all of them are different with different personalities. While this game is quite fun, it is also frustrating. Trying to achieve new Time Trial records and missing by a few hundredths of a second on some of the longer courses can get you pretty mad since there is no second place. Trying to get a perfect score and having someone pass you in the last couple seconds may eve be worse. You can retry the course you're on, but if you want to retry the last course you'll have to start all over at the very first course. This adds a little to the challenge of the game, but takes away from the fun of it, unless you're playing against your friends. There is a four player versus and battle. The versus is the same as a normal course, but you get to pick one at a time. Battle is similar to Mario Kart because you get 3 eggs and the last one left with them wins. You get to use different objects like projectiles and bombs to get rid of your opponents eggs. There is also a Mix Up mode to let you take ten of your favorite courses and put them together.

Rumble Pak 6 out of 10

The rumble pak doesn't really add much to the game. It shakes when you get bumped around and when you blow up the towers (Blowing up the towers is the Reckin Balls' mission. They all want to blow up the course that you race on as a bit of a reward for the winner). The shaking doesn't help make this a better game though.


Like I said earlier, if you get passed on a course at the very end when aiming for a Perfect, it is frustrating. It is also frustrating to miss a Time Trial by a few hundredths of a second. You won't go crazy though, because you can always try again.

Replayability 6.5 out of 10

This game is pretty fun for the first couple weeks and until you beat everything. Once you get a perfect on all of the levels, there isn't much point in playing by yourself anymore. It will still be fun against other human players, just not very fun against the computer. You could still play time trials and try to beat your old high scores, but unless you find a new shortcut, you probably won't keep beating your old scores.

Game Value 9 out of 10

This is one of the cheaper new games you can find. Most places sell it for less than $50 and the suggested price is $40. It is a fun and original game that probably worth the price for many people. If you liked Mario Kart 64, you'll probably like this game. If you think you'll like it, you should probably buy it instead of paying $5 to rent it. That makes it less of a bargain

Overall 8.3 out of 10

Overall this is a good game for people who like original and fun games like Mario Kart. It has one of the cheaper prices, so if you buy it and don't like it that much, it won't be as big of a loss. The sound and graphics aren't the best, but once you get into the game, that doesn't really matter. It will keep playing it for a while until you've gotten all the perfects and found all the shortcuts you can find. It won't be a million seller most likely, but it is one of the better games I've played with a good price.

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