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Hexen 64

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Reviewed by Hexen 64 is the newest 3-D shooter for the N64. Personally, I am ticked off with companies that make 3-D shooters for the N64. You think there's plenty of shooters now, and yet they come up with more? They should focus on different types of games, not these 3-D shooters. Coming up with different games is not that hard, but look at all the types of games out on the N64: racing, 3-D action/ adventure, shooters, fighting, soccer, hockey. OK, that's a lot, but there's too much of them. And another point is that most of the same type of games are the same! All the 3-D shooters are the same except Turok, all the fighting games stink (I'm not sure of Dark Rift though), and all the action/adventure games are very similar. Well, maybe I should talk about Hexen now. Hexen is the type of game you could have on your PC. There's no doubt it could make it to the PC with these graphics! The graphics stink!! It has worse pixalation (how ever you spell that!) than Doom on the PC. In deathmatch mode, when I go up to another fighter, I can barley realize it human. (Well, a little exaggeration there but, you get the point) I'd have to admit, the graphics in one player mode are MUCH, MUCH better. I like the sound, and the sound tracks. I like it how to get into the game is very quick and it's probably the best I've seen from third party companies. The voices are pretty good and all the rest of the sounds are do quite a good job! The control is not that good. It a little complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it's OK. When I fly, I hate having to move my hand all over the controller from the D-Pad to the control stick and so on. But I admit you can do more than walk and shoot: you can jump, fly, look up and down and much more. I think they could have done better than that. The challenge is good! There's 31 levels, and 6 (or 5) difficulty levels. There's also 3 characters to choose from each with their own special abilities and vs. mode and co-operated mode. I think that's great! Normally, in shooters for the N64, there's about 30 levels (not Turok) and there's 4 difficulty levels, one character, and only one player mode. This is great. The only bad part is that the tree characters only have 3 weapons each and one 3-part special weapon. That's OK I guess. In addition to weapons, you can use magical items that you can pick up! I think this game is FUN!! I've never played a shooter like this in full levels in vs. mode. Star Fox was sort of like this, but it was not maze type levels, so this is new to me. Golden Eye is going to be like that too, but I think it will be much better. This game is a unique shooter and it's very fun. I recommend renting it first, or rent it till you get bored of it. It saves money, and you get to play it lots! This game is funnier with some codes on too!

+ Plus: Great fun!! Nice and original too! - Minus: Poor graphics, and not-so-good control = Equals: A very fun game, but hard core shooter fans don't expect to much.

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