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GT 64 Championship Edition

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Reviewed by Shawn Bailey GT 64 really looks like it would be a promising racer. Several Japanese supercars, such as the Nissan 300ZX, and the Acura NSX are included, along with such cars as the Porsche 911. The customizable aspects of each car are also a plus, such as being able to set the steering and shock controls. A quick play of this game quickly changed my opinion of what I thought would be an excellent racer.

Graphics 3 out of 10

Ick! The car models are chunky in presentation (and look bad for even a Playstation game!). My favorite, the Porsche 911, is hardly recognizable. The track layout is not very exciting either.

Music and Sound 3 out of 10

Music is almost non-existent in this game. There is some so-so menu music, but while you are racing, the only sound heard is from the car's engine. Speaking of the engines, there is little to distinguish the sound of the different cars, and these sounds get old rather quickly.

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

This is a hard category to define. The racing is so boring, it does not inspire me to work towards a first place finish. The lousy control makes the challenge harder than it should be. When the wheel (analog stick) is turned, the car moves later. Some of the other cars will get right behind you and bump you to move you along faster. This almost seems to be implemented to lessen the challenge.

Game Play-Fun 2 out of 10

Did I mention this game is boring?! The control is helped slightly by the driver's choice of either the analog stick, or the d-pad. But both are sloppy and take the fun out of the game. There are really only three repetitive tracks (with a "long" version available for each) and this lessens the gameplay experience.

Rumble Pak 6 out of 10

Rumble Pak usage is done fairly well. When you hit a wall, the Pak shakes strongly, and there is a cool vibration when a car hits you from behind and you are not expecting it.


This game defines frustration. Those expecting a Gran Turismo rival for their N64 will be quite frustrated. The sloppy control, lack of race music, and boring tracks build to the frustration as well.

Replayability 1 out of 10

After spending the better part of an afternoon with this game, enough is enough. I hope to never play it again. The lousy graphics and poor control do not invite return plays.

Game Value 2 out of 10

I bought this game on clearance for $19.99 fully thinking I had stumbled upon a bargain. The best thing I can say is that I didn't spend the full price on it when GT64 first came out(at $60-plus). After wasting an afternoon with it, I traded it in the next day, and still felt cheated at the low price I paid. With Nintendo stressing "Quality over Quantity", it seems that a crap game such as this would not see the light of day. Well it did, and truth be told, it's not worth a weekend rental.

Overall 3 out of 10

Basically, stay away from this game if you can. I haven't seen too many racers that I like for the Nintendo 64, although I could recommend Rush 2. It is a much different game with it's arcade-style feel, but its fun-factor is through the roof. Hopefully this review will save someone a few bucks, and those could be put towards a better game.

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