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GT 64 Championship Edition

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Reviewed by Raymond Almeda Length matters. Imagineer's first N64 game, the off-road racer Multi-Racing Championship, was fun but flawed. Although the game delivered fast action and smooth control, length was its Achilles Heel. While most N64 racers deliver at least a dozen different tracks, Multi-Racing Championship had a mere three. No matter how fun the game, it's hard to get overly excited about three tracks. Sadly, with GT 64 Championship Edition we find Imagineer is back up to its old tricks. Like its predecessor, GT 64 has only three tracks. Unlike Multi-Racing Championship, tracks and gameplay here aren't even very interesting. Indeed, GT 64 is plagued with numerous design and gameplay flaws. If this is the "championship edition," I'd hate to see the "loser edition." With numerous N64 racing games from which to choose, there is absolutely no reason for gamers to consider GT 64. GT, why do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. The tracks and cars are designed such that they can be successfully navigated by a two-year old. I'm not kidding. While test playing GT 64, I witnessed a two-year old kid take the N64 controller and steer wildly about the course. Granted, C-Man often drove in the wrong direction, smashing recklessly into walls and fences, but the fact remains that he was able to do it. Strike another blow against the game's realism. The actual gameplay is reminiscent (vaguely) of Gran Turismo. But whereas mastering that game is a challenge, in GT 64 simply mastering the control is a challenge. Control here is loose and unrefined, which is not what you want from a racing game. Perhaps Imagineer has secretly emulated the steering mechanisms of a 1973 Ford Pinto, and simply transferred those specs to these Porches and Supras. Whatever the reason, steering these hunks of metal isn't my idea of fun. Graphically, the game is dull. You would think that a game with only three tracks would at least deliver three incredible tracks (quality over quantity, right?). However, that's not the case here. The uninspired GT 64 tracks are plagued by annoying pop-in and mediocre design. One suspects that somewhere in Japan, a budding N64 game developer got his first experience making GT 64 Championship Edition. His gain in experience is our loss. It's too bad that Imagineer did not simply improve upon Multi-Racing Championship. Instead, GT 64 Championship Edition finds the company taking significant steps backward. A model of below average racing game design, this is a title to be avoided. Perhaps we should be thankful that there are only three tracks. This game NEEDS to be much longer.

Overall 41 out of 100

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