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Reviewed by Ewald Tienkamp A weird idea but really original: a glove who has to guide balls that are actually crystals through some of the weirdest levels ever. Why would you say? All right, sit back and enjoy the story..... Some day in some country far far away from your home, a wizard in a cartoony castle is making a bubbling kind of liquid. With a glove on each hand... But suddenly, something goes wrong, during a loud explosion, one of the gloves falls in the bubbling liquid. The other one falls, fortunately outside the window. The wizard is frozen: stone. The glove that fell outside the window see's the 7 crystals of the castle falling, he transformed them into balls and they bounce all into a different world. After that the good glove has to bring back the balls to the castle and the other glove (very evil laugh) is trying to stop him (I dunno why actually...) When you manage to bring back the crystals the wizard will become normal again and you'll have the happiest (and weirdest) end ever.

Graphics 8 out of 10

Good, looks fine, when walking outside the castle you see a fogging, but when proceeding further in the game you'll see that the game manages perfect without the fog. The levels also look fine, the ball bounces realistic and the hand moves like a real one (although this one has only 4 fingers).

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Excellent! Very funny music that you'll keep on "singing" the whole day. The music gives the level a much better feel: in the carnival level you'll hear a funny music that you'll recognize immediately as something funny, cartoony. The sound are fine too, the enemy's make funny noises and you can hear what kind of ball you're bouncing with (you are able to transform the ball during the level).

Game Challenge 11 out of 10

As the note already says: maybe a bit too much; when trying to pass a certain obstacle, you'll go mad when you see Glover falling down shouting and all for the 20th time or so. This is actually quite good for the lasting period of this game, but it has enough levels, so the difficultly should have been a bit lower... Fortunately there is a fine cheat to move on to the next checkpoint, so when you are not form some anti-cheating-federation you'll pass the nastiest things. Another thing to mention in this section is the availability of many many levels. Many worlds with each 3 levels, a boss and a bonus level (not available in easy mode). The levels are long too: when playing a level for the first time it will take you about 20, 25 minutes to move through and discover how to solve problems you meet.

Game Play-Fun 6 out of 10

It is funny to guide the ball and the glove through the levels, but it is (although you meet different puzzles and so) almost all the same. Because you have to play the levels in order, you can not switch to another world if you've had enough of one. So maybe you wont be playing this every day...


High, very high. As you've read above, you can fall 20 times in the same hole and still not be on 1/2 of the level. Very bad for your controller if you know what I mean...

Replayability 5 out of 10

When you've bought the game you like the glove and the ball and you wont notice any frustration in the first level, even when there is frustration in a further level you still pick up the game the next day. For the first week. Of course you'll play it the first month and maybe the first two months, but after that you've had it with this game.

Overall 6 out of 10

Fine game. Had fun with it, but maybe it lasts a bit short. My advice would be: Hire it for a weekend and have fun with it. There is not any multiplay in it so if it's a lonely rainy weekend: have fun with it.

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