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Gex 64: Enter the Gecko

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Reviewed by Bob In Gex 64 you get a game that has nearly every thing you could want in a game: Action, like in Mario 64 where you can go around into many different "worlds" in search of items which in this game are remote controls, and it has secret thing to find which open up secret miny levels. Confusion is a common thing when playing Gex because you have no idea how to get a remote or find a level. The only three things that Gex lacks are A] a sense of challenge B] a multiplayer game and C] an efficient password system without using a controller pak.

Graphics 8 out of 10

The graphics in Gex are good, with Gex wearing different outfits and being animated clearly, but some times when Gex looks around his head has many holes in it and he looks really messed up, and sometimes he gets stuck behind things so you cannot see for a moment. Overall Gex has mostly good graphics save the few flaws.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

The music and sound in Gex is extraordinary. The main music depends mainly on what level you are on. For example in one sub-level you are dressed in a cop's hat so the music is from an old cop show. Periodically through the levels Gex will make remarks pertaining to the level like in the space/alien levels some times he will say something that was on the X-files. Gex has one of the better sound systems that I have listened to on N64.

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

Gex is actually pretty easy if you get the concept of the game. Once you get a few remotes and get accustomed to the game it gets very easy. Gex was fun yet not really challenging for me. The hardest part of the game is finding the remotes not getting them.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

This is amusing with Gex's comments to seeing some of your favorite shows or movies being parodied. Playing Gex was also fun for me because it was very different from most of the other games i have played because there aren't many games with T.V. loving Geckos out on the market. This game was very fun for me.


Well this game really isn't that frustrating unless you have a short attention span and don't like to spend much time on a level. The most frustrating part of this game is the fact that sometimes the remotes are very well hidden. Another sort of frustrating thing is when you're playing a boss who is "Cheating". As I said in the begging this game isn't really that frustrating.

Replayability 2 out of 10

I think that once you beat the game it is really hard to play it again because there is nothing left to find except for the things you found the first time. Gex is fun the first time but not the second.

Game Value 7 out of 10

The game is pretty much worth the it because it is just real fun and good for a good laugh if you need one. Gex is an all around good game and the parodies are hilarious. If you are looking for fun or a few good laughs Gex is the game for you.

Involvement with other characters 1 out of 10

In Gex you do not interact or talk to the creatures at all. If you are looking for an RPG where if you do different things to the characters the game changes completely Gex is not the game for you because all of the creatures Gex meets are bad guys and he doesn't talk to anybody or help anybody or be helped by anybody.

Cast of Characters 4 out of 10

In Gex there are not a whole lot of people in it except Gex and the bosses. Some of the bosses are pretty weird though. Like the third pig third goat third human Moo Shoo Pork. Gex doesn't have a real big starring cast, but it does have a good supporting class.

Overall 8 out of 10

Gex 64 is a great game for almost any video game player. I highly recommend renting this game because it is very enjoyable for kids of all ages. Gex is just a really really great game.

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