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Gauntlet Legends

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Reviewed by Washuu108 All of us have gone to an arcade and at least seen Gauntlet Legends there. Some of us would spare a few quarters, and some of us would devote their life savings to the game. Now, you don't have to pay 25 cents every time you need 500 more health, you just have to pay 30 dollars for infinite. Of course, that is not the only benefit of going out and buying the N64 version, there are many other new features. For example, the ability to sell your items as well as buy them, and the special items to help you defeat the bosses.

Graphics: A

Gauntlet Legends has great graphics, following in the footsteps of its arcade cousin. When you get your familiar, as small as it may be, it still has much detail. It has some great explosion effects, and sometimes you just want to run straight over the level entrance, just to see the visual effects.

Music and Sound: A+

Gauntlet Legends features a very large soundtrack, not losing quality with its quantity. The graveyard music is bone-chilling, and the boss' sounds are lifelike, considering that they probably didn't have access to a Chimera or a Dragon to record. When a TNT barrel explodes, you hear it. When you step on a switch you hear it. When a golem is roaring at you, when Sumner is telling you that you are about to die, you hear them all brilliantly.

Game Challenge: A-

The game is very challenging with some levels that are seemingly mazes (the treasure rooms actually are). A very challenging element is the enemy generators. Enemies will keep on coming until you destroy the generator, which getting to can be very tough. The bosses are very challenging, which is why the secret boss weapons were created. The rune stones are very well hidden, and can sometimes require you to go back and forth through the level hitting switches to get. The challenge level goes up to an A+ if you are playing alone, because without as much power, you are that much vulnerable. One thing that reduces the challenge of the game is that if you are attacking an enemy it can't attack back (bosses excluded of course), so the only way you can be damaged is death, poison food, or if you were surrounded (which can all be easily avoided with a potion).

Game Play-Fun: A+

Gauntlet Legends is a very fun game, in my opinion, because at first you have to go through all of the levels killing all of the enemies, but then it goes even deeper. You have to go back and search for Obelisks, Rune Stones, to make the game a little easier Boss Weapons, and to unlock secret characters Treasure Rooms. Gauntlet Legends goes with that saying, "The more the merrier." It definitely gets more fun with more people. And with the 4MB expansion pak, you can have four people playing at once. Something great about playing multi player is that sometimes you will come across a glowing yellow ball. It will try to touch the closest character and it will not harm you... directly. Sumner will announce,"[color] [character] is it." From that point on, you may notice that enemies seem to go for you. That is what "it" does. The fun part is, you get to play tag, and the next character you touch, (sorry, attacks won't work) will become it.

Rumble Pak: B+

One good thing about the rumble pak, is it tells you when you get hit, like when you don't notice some archer repeatedly shooting at you. A bad thing is that it tells you when you get hit, like when you are surrounded by 50 zombies, all attacking you.


Gauntlet Legends also gets an A+ in frustration, because when you go into an area without something you need, and the entrance closes behind you, and you can't find an exit or a switch, it gets very frustrating very fast. Also, just some levels layout can confuse and frustrate you. Don't go to the Icy Docks unless you have played this for a while and are used to the frustration. The camera doesn't help. You can't change the angle at all, and it tends to give you weird angles where you can't see some walls. When playing multi player, if you get too far apart, it will go to an angle where you can't see anything.

Replayability: A+

If you have played Legend of Mana for the Playstation, Gauntlet Legends is sort of like that. When you beat the game, you can start over with your high experience character, because you start the game with only the things completed that all of the characters have completed, which can mean doing things over and over again with your friends. That is yet another reason that playing this single player is not quite so good.

Game Value: A+

Since Gauntlet Legends is an old N64 game (they already have an expansion for the Dreamcast version) it can be found in the bargain bag. I would buy it at full price, so right now it actually is a bargain (retailers telling the truth? no way...). Gauntlet Legends is a great way to pass the day, or to play with friends so Gauntlet Legends is quite a steal at 30-40 dollars.

Controller Pak: A+

Gauntlet Legends also supports the Controller Pak, so you can bring your character to other players' houses for a mere 4 pages of your controller pak! It also supports inter-controller pak saving/loading, which means that Player 4 can save on Player 3's controller pak while Player 3 is saving on Player 1's controller pak. So all you and your friends need is one controller pak for all of your characters, although with the small space per pak, you might not want them using up some of your 16 blocks and 123 pages.

Overall: A+

Games as good as Gauntlet Legends is what Nintendo 64 should be all about. Games like this bring together gamers from nearly all genres, nearly because some of those racers or puzzlers may not be so interested. But if you liked Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, or Donkey Kong 64, than Gauntlet Legends is definitely for you. If you didn't, then try it anyway because there is a good chance you won't care. Maybe some of those RPGists will stop drooling at those Final Fantasy X pics and play it for a while, probably spending the whole time wondering where the artists were when the game was made. Probably drooling at Final Fantasy VIII pics. It's a good game nonetheless, and you and all of your friends should definitely get.

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