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Reviewed by Gerde

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics in this game are outstanding. All the different colors make it a little confusing though. A lot of the graphics are not cornered like in most games which means that the game makers spent a lot of time in making the game. I love the way they designed the spacecrafts you drive in. They look like they took some time to make. And one thing about the graphics I noticed was that the background changed as you move around.

Music and Sounds 7 out of 10

I gave it a seven out of ten because I didn't really like the sounds in the game. I think if they took the same amount of time as they did on the graphics as for sound, it would have made the game a lot better. The music wasn't all that great. I mean were do they come up with this kind of music. I wish they would make more video games with much better music. I eventually grew fond of the sounds in this game because I need sound to play most games.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

I gave it a perfect ten because it took me a long time to get used to the control technique. I think they could have made it easier to maneuver in the game. But the way they made it also makes it seem much more realistic. The layout of the game wasn't that bad, but some of the parts I really got stuck on. I liked the challenge of the game and in my opinion, the more challenging the game is the funnier it makes it, unless its so hard that you cant beat it.

Game Play 6 out of 10

I gave it a six because even though it was challenging and all that, it didn't really have a point to it. The way I see it to make a fun game it has to be challenging, but there also has to be a point. Battle was fun also. I think battle was what made the game the funniest because you don't have to do any thing in specific. You can just go around kill your friends. What also made battle more fun is that your friend could be waiting for you around every corner.


I found that my number 1 frustration was that the controls to so long for me to get used to. The speed plus the background in the battle mode made it a really weird game. The way the background in battle is made me nauseous because you can keep going around and around in circles before you figure out where you are going to go.

Game Value

I think this game is ok if you like the flying around in circles blowing the beep out of your friends and you don't get dizzy real quick. If your one of these people, then you should defiantly buy this game.

Overall 33 out of 40

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