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In Fisherman: Bass Hunter 64

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Reviewed by Stephanie Z Hookshot Well, finally a fishing game for Nintendo 64! Too bad it's a stinker. You pick a new career. Then you choose either a female or male fisherperson. After that, you have a choice of two modes: Tournament or Fish-for-Fun. The Tournament mode is where you compete against other fisherpeople to get the biggest and most bass. You buy lures to make them available in the Fish-for-Fun mode. There are varying weather conditions. You can also catch bluegills and catfish but they don't count as eligible fish.

Graphics 5.O out of 1O

Completely average. The scenery is bland and nearly the same in every lake. You can't even tell if a bass is twenty pounds or one pound until you reel it in. There's pop-up in the background. On the good side, there are good illustrations when you see your fish and lures up-close. Your character just looks plain. Underwater ground is a sandy color; it would have been nice if they added more sea life like shells, slugs, a family camping on shore, whirlpools.

Music and Sound 5.1 out of 1O

OK, I think I've one word to describe the sound and music. ANNOYING! Well... I guess I am exaggerating a little. Sound Effects: Background sounds good; nice honking of geese and chirping of birds. Can get a bit repetitive. The raining sounds like kernels of corn banging on a car hood. You will defiantly turn it down. Same with the whizzing of the rod. Music doesn't go with the game. Techno-gutairtap? No way. But there is good music. It is when you are reeling a fish in. Gradually it gets boring to listen to. Otherwise there is no music, which is nice in way. Fishing is like golf. You need concentration.

Game Challenge 6.8 out of 10

It will take about a hour to get the hang of it. You have to upgrade your lures to get other fish interested. It takes skill and a bit of luck to catch a big one. You must use different techniques when weather and water condition change. You can come in first without catching big ones. Just a five three bounders and you can come in first. Too often when you start out you are near a school of fish.

Game Play-Fun 6.9 out of 1O

It can be very fun at times especially when you choose lures, cruise around the lake, come in first after a million tries and get a incredibly big fish. But it's fishing. You can't expect an epic story line. Nor can you expect to shoot a gun or get touchdown. Bass Hunter just can't hook a seven-point o.

Rumble Pak 3.5 out of 1O

Just a pathetic little tug on the line. That's all. Star Fox 64 and Zelda did unbelievably better. No innovative idea at all.


Not much. When the stubborn bass don't bite, you feel like throwing your controller. And when you don't see a fish in sight.

Replayability 5.7 out of 1O

You just beat the game and your are done. The Fish-for-Fun mode is practically useless. But completing a tournament takes skill and practice and time to know all the techniques and catch all the big ones.

Game Value 5.O out of 10

For 60 or 50$, no. Basshunter is such a short game. You would be much better off getting a used one or waiting for Bassmasters 2000.

Play Control 7.O out of 10

Tight, but a little too tight. Casting is C. Choose from three types: Skip, Overhead, Side. You can power-up your cast with the control stick. R brings up the toolbar, which you can choose if you want to change your lure, see the fish you've caught, drive the boat/fish, change your rod or.. I forgot. R can also bring the line back to you if you're in fishing mode. Pause is start button. You can get information about the tournament and help and a bunch of other things.


The Fish Finder was way too tiny. You had to squint and go way up to your screen to see. I found it of no use. Graphics need major work. Sound was average. No multiplayer. Just 2 modes?! More lakes. Customizable characters. Better scenery. Improved music and sound. Better control. Harder. Variety of fish to catch. Larger lakes. A story line.

Overall 6.5 out of 10

I had high expectations. This is a very good simulator of fishing. If you don't care about music and graphics and are dying for a fishing game, this is for you. Nice control and a bit above average gameplay. But this game left room for a lot more.

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