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Fighting Force 64

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Reviewed by BJ Hansen

Graphics 1 out of 10

Low Points Redundant, Redundant, Redundant Tiny levels Weapons are limited BAD use of cameras

Music and Sound 1 out of 10

Ladies and gentlemen: Do not buy this game! Ignore the temptations of free temporary tattoos! Ignore the over-animated butts of the female characters! Because once you get past the bells and whistles, this game is just an attempt by Core's marketing department to sell you a half-finished product. I've accused Edios and Core of this before. Unfortunately though, they've got it in their heads that the best way to create a game is not with creativity and innovation, but with female characters in cloths five digitized sizes too small. To add insult to injury, they've attempted to further cheapen the industry by smacking a sticker on the front of the box proclaiming: "GET YOUR FREE TATOOS INSIDE". I liken this game to Fruit Loops. They've got free dumb and pretty colors, but what's inside tears the bee-hey-zeus out of the roof of your mouth. The one main difference is that I'm dumb enough to buy Fruit Loops. I'm not dumb enough to buy this game.

Game Challenge 4 out of 10

Well now that we've had some fun with analogies let me tell you about some of the most glaring problems with the game. The levels are very small and totally uninteresting. Two entire levels are inside of elevators, and in some levels you cannot see your character at all. What's fun about that? Not only are the levels boring, so are the characters. You keep fighting the same people over and over and over and over... The names change but the enemies are almost all the same. Also, for some reason, they can block and you can't. That means that it will take you forever to kill this clone army. The main characters are bland: two men and two women. The women are, of course, 48-10-24, and the men! I guess they're supposed to look mean or something.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 10

The two-player mode is terrible, and for most of the time one of the players can't see their character. As an added bonus, you can injure your ally if you accidentally misdirect your punches and kicks. Whoo boy, are we having fun yet? Actually I enjoyed ignoring the bad guys and just beating my ally senseless. That's about the only thing I enjoyed. There are quite a few weapons in Fighting Force, (I imagine you know what word comes next) unfortunately you can only use them a limited number of times. It seems a baseball bat doesn't work after you smack too many people. There are also a bunch of guns, rocket launchers, and other projectile weapons. Most of them only have 4 or 5 rounds in them though. Then you can throw the empty gun at your enemies; although I don't know how much it would hurt considering everyone throws like a girl. (Note: I'm not saying girls can't throw, I'm saying there is a goofy overhand/sidearm manner of throwing that is called "throwing like a girl").

Rumble Pak 5 out of 10

So what's good in this game? Well, in the early levels you get to smash a lot of stuff: cars, coke machines, etc. That's kind of fun. By the time you reach the later levels it loses its charm, though. And of course you have got to love free tattoos, I guess.

Overall 2 out of 10

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