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Fighter's Destiny

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Reviewed by Stryker Well, since the Nintendo 64 attempted to please fighter fans with Killer Instinct Gold, the games on the n64 have lacked anything good. War Gods tried and failed miserably. Dark Rift did a little better and flopped. Clay Fighter 63 1/3 combined slow play and slower animation to miss badly. Mace came the closest to actual quality but still failed. Enter Ocean. Fighter's Destiny arrives with not only a lot of moves to satisfy Tekken lovers, but fast frames. A total of 14 characters, five secret ones, over 100 skills and combos you must gain in the Master's Challenge, three tough modes in Record Attack, versus battle where you can win and lose skills plus the traditional computer assault. Finally somebody did it right.

Graphics 7 out of 10

Well, the graphics have nothing especially bad. The backgrounds are non-interactive, flat, but well done, especially in Hell Mountain and the Pasture. Now for the characters. Well done polygons is mostly my opinions. This will not wow you like Soul Edge or shock you like Extreme G. It's solid, yes. The characters have the usual double outfits, with some nicely varied camera angles for ringouts and throws. But the fighters themselves are seriously blocky, hence the bad score.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Honestly this game is NOT very good in this. Decent tunes. But the insanely annoying frolic in the Pasture during Rodeo is worthy of sending somebody to an asylum, and there's a track in there that is a complete rip-off of Mega Man music, maybe the SNES ones. Sound? There's an adjustable announcer who spouts bull like "That wuz a good move!" Again, each fighter has a variety of pain/victory/loss/you chose me sound bytes.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

Well, after switching the difficulties to Easy I was able to beat the computer quite easily. But there's also Medium, Hard, and Crazy. And you pretty much have to beat a lot of Masters to gain cool skills useful to beat the computer, and there we introduce the Master Challenge. Eight masters and four jokers in a big wheel. Choose a master and you can win a skill from him. If you lose against him you can still quit with your moves intact or continue. Face a Joker? Either way you gain nothing, but a loss shall strip you of your skills. You cannot reenter the Challenge after quitting, thank God. The first two masters are easy to defeat always. They will fall for cheap throws and repetitive combos. They get harder continually. They will counter your throws and blind you with combos. I've only beaten five Masters with Boro, a secret character with a variety of cheap, repetitive combos that work very well. There's also Rodeo. You have to survive in a ring with a mad cow named Ushi, and if you knock her out you lose. You can access a secret character by beating the game on Easy with a character and staying in the ring with her for a minute. Try Boro, again her cheap moves work. Then the usual Survival Mode, where you fight 100 straight fighters who become resilient to your moves. Then the Time Attack, where beating all your opponents in a minute brings you yet another secret character. And if you have a multi-brother family with several memory paks, you'll get in a lot of fights when playing each other in Vs for skills.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Well I just explained mostly everything fun. But with my friends over the excitement of defeating five Masters and a Joker with Boro, the Swiss aerial specialist, it was really cool. And trying to get the secret characters, and beating the game for more skills it's really fun game get it


Blocky characters, cheap throws by computer. Hitting Jokers in Master Challenge after so many moves.

Replayability 10 out of 10

Trying 2 beat records and 2 get skills and vs mode for or not for skills. It's very good.

Game Value 10 out of 10

It's $48.99 at Best Buy. I did say all the good games are 60 but this is the exception.

N64 Fighter Comparison 10 out of 10

Really, nothing measures up to Fighter's Destiny here. Playing Clayfighter with it's slow, slow grafix and it's dumb, repetitive "humor": sound bites and the cheap, cheesy moves you cannot counter and the dumb secrets that stink. And Killer Instinct? I mean really. It arrived after the release of Tekken 2 and Soul Blade! Clayfighter was 3-d but the sidestepping thing was nonexistent.

Overall 94 out of 100

I say you buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

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