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FIFA Soccer 64

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Reviewed by Matthew Zak Before I start, let me say one thing........I HATE SOCCER!!! I never understood it, and probably never will. But, for some reason, I love soccer video games. I loved the one for the NES, and FIFA Soccer 64 is no different.


The graphics in FIFA are relatively good- not up to the full N64 standards- but good. The players move with fluidity as they run up and down the field. There's many different camera angles in the game, (8 to be exact) and each one gives you a clear picture. are many "celebrations" that the players do after they score a goal, and after they win the game. They all look beautiful, but a few of them leaves the player looking "flat," like a piece of cardboard. That is just worth mentioning, however, and hardly effects the gameplay.


What can you say, except that this is everything a soccer enthusiast wants in a soccer game. 160 teams (if I counted right) in 6 different leagues. I'm told that they're all real players. (I'm not the one to be asking) There's 4 different Matches to select- Friendly, (exhibition game) Playoff, (a playoff lose, you're out) League, (go through an entire season with up to 8 teams) and Tournament. (Control up to 8 teams- dominate your bracket to go to the Playoffs) Note: you'll need a controller pack to save any League, Playoff, etc. you started and that you want to continue another time. On top of all that, you also have 3 Game Types to choose from. They include:
ACTION: Faster gameplay, no subs, and exaggerated attributes.
ARCADE: Players never get tired, all players have the same attributes.
SIMULATION: Players and teams act like they would in real life. Substitutions are limited to 3 per game. You may also change the camera angles, field conditions, time length, penalties on/off, offsides on/off, 3 different languages(English, French, Dutch), and a hole bunch more!


All of the yellow cards, red cards, penalty kicks, bicycle kicks, and headers are included in this one. In Simulation, the players reflect their actual attributes as in real life! There's also a bunch of descriptive charts in the Instruction Booklet to help you learn how to do everything. The announcer actually DOESN'T get annoying!! Instead, he gives you the feeling of watching the game on television. The variety of camera angles also gives you a different perspective on the game.


The crowd goes haywire during play with their numerous chants!! The British announcer adds to the realism of the game.(He DOESN'T get annoying!!!) The announcer actually gets excited as the play goes toward a goal, and the excitement level rises. You can here the ball being booted deep down field. As for music, there really isn't a lot of it......just during replays and on the options screen. Although there isn't a lot of it, it's pretty up-beat.


As I stated above, I HATE SOCCER......but I love this game. Fast paced action, great options, enough statistics to make a statistician go crazy! If I love this game this much, someone who lives and dies by soccer should run out and get this one!!!!

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