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FIFA Soccer 64

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Reviewed by This game is by far the most realistic sports game on the N64. Popular, regular sports, not like wave race. Even the announcer's voice is perfect (like the accent, and other stuff) It has TONS of teams, you can choose from all the countries, cities of the USA and more! In all this is a great game and you should at least try it! Now for some of the detail. This game has very good graphics, and the players look very real, and their faces don't all look the same, not like Wayne Greztky 3-D hockey. With the farther away cameras, the players look fuzzy and blurry. But what can you expect? Maybe a bit more, but that is a minor problem. The sound is excellent, I especially liked the announcer. You can even hear the goalie say HUNH when he kicks. The sound track is good, and I like the feature for after you score, pressing the C buttons will make noises. Very good for graphics and sound! The control is very complicated, with all the different things you can do, but after awhile, it's easy. The control is smooth and is good in each section. I like the ability to curve the ball in the air, I've even scored on a corner kick! If I were giving a percentage mark for control, I'd give it 99%. This game is very challenging but for those who play a lot of sports games, this game would seem pretty simple, if the controls were simpler. This game has the same style as a hockey game, and is pretty much the same. Although this game is a bit different and has a new twist to it sports games die hards will find it simple. I liked this game and thought it was challenging. Like I said before, this is a very fun game, and you would not want to miss out on it. I would not recommend buying this game, Because it will get boring fast. You don't see many soccer games out, but then you don't get bored of them fast. This one is a winner, and there's not much more to say about it. Just a nice realistic soccer game!

+ Plus: Very good graphics, sound, control, and much more. - Minus: Hard control at first, gets better though. = Equals: A very well done soccer game, best common sports game on the N64!

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