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F1 Pole Position

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Reviewed by Slimu Hey! It's the first formula 1 racer for the Nintendo 64! I would say I liked it. I did not love it. I did not hate it. I liked it. F1 Pole Position (with a 64) is also the first simulation racer for the Nintendo 64. Actually the first simulation. So this game is a lot of firsts. However, the game didn't exactly fascinate me like how the other racers I reviewed has. Everything's OK...except the graphics and controls and sound. The graphics has lots of bugs. Such as when you are driving in a populated area. You may not notice this, but buildings are popping up all around you! And because of the heavy fog effects, you can't see much and have to keep a real close eye on the road. And because you have to keep a close eye on the road, you won't notice the buildings popping up. But when you do, you ma regret it, for when I did, I paid too much attention on the buildings and missed lots of turns. It's like the course is being drawn as you get to the area. How strange. Silly even. And even after more than the average time for this game to be converted from the Japanese game to the English game. Oh wait...the game allows you to have I think three languages! It's... English...French...and I think Italy or Spanish. So I suppose this was the reason for the long translations. I would say this was a good thing. But one thing I did like about the graphics were that it was all polygonal. It allows for smoother graphics and just make the game better. I'm not sure exactly how the frame-rate is, but I suppose it's good enough for racing. It's not even bad! So the graphics has it's ups and downs. I could live with that. Only sometimes theirs too much ups and downs. Kind of like traveling in a car in Yosemite National Park. Up and down, up and down, up and down, and then...*splat* Hmm...maybe not a very good comparison... Music in the game is jus great! It should be somewhere around 4th place in the rank of music for this year. You know how Tetrisphere uses some opera like stuff and voice sounding things in it's music? I thought that made the music in the game the best. This game too has the use of the voice-like music. Very interesting. But, if I recall correctly, the music is off when you race. But even if it is off during racing, the menus stuff has the most neatest music! An A+ for music! Sound effects in the game isn't monotonous, but it's not the right kind either. Kind of boring. Like when you hits a whole, it sounds like plastic hitting plastic. Plastic cups! You know, Dixie cups type things. So pretty boring sound. The motor was kind of different from real F1 cars. Oh now I remember something about the sound! I remembered the voices! Eeeekk!!!! Nintendo is overdoing on voices! It has a staticky voice and it's very annoying! And also too staticky to understand, making the no use of the voices other than to annoy you. Strange how much different music can be from the sound... The Controls are averagely hard. It's super realistic and handling a racer with realistic controls isn't so easy. However, the game has lots of difficulty settings for controls, like loose or grippy tires. That helped a lot. So the game controls in this game is pretty decent. I like that. But even after putting the controls on the most grippiest, it's still almost impossible to stay on course through the whole race track. So I guess the controls aren't so good anyway. Challenging... Very challenge. The game's courses are tough yet decent and manageable. You have 21 other cars your up against, which adds to the challenge. There's 3 different weather settings which is good and adds more to the challenge. And since it's also the first sim for the n64, it should be something. Replay Value of the game isn't so good. Controls are awkward, which isn't so good. The graphics aren't so good because of pop-ups so that isn't good either. The sound effects are terrible and I don't believe you have an option of turning off your sound effects >:(. Racing 21 cars isn't exactly a thrill either. Oh, and because the graphics aren't real good, I don't think I would ever expect a good decent ending from this game. Not a very replayable game if you ask me. Kind of need to have some tea nearby to keep yourself awake. Overall, the game is average which also in my language is good. Good enough for me. And simulation fans should like this game too. But remember that I warned you about the terrible sound and the awkward controls and strange pop-ups. A good buy for simulation fans, a bad buy for die-hard racing fans. Me, I'm the die-hard racing fan. I don't think this game is the type for me.

Graphics 6.9 Music 9.3 Sound 6.0 Control 6.4 Challenge 6.9 Replay 6.3 Overall 7

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