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F1 Pole Position

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Reviewed by F1 Pole Position is yet again another new racing game. I think we have quite enough racers for this Christmas: MRC, Top Gear, XG, F1 Pole position, and some other one's if I remember right. They should have made a good RPG by now, or some different sport games. But since this is a review, I might as well talk about the game. The graphics for this game are pretty good, not the greatest. The cars and the tracks are not that great, but the backgrounds and the surroundings are really good. I can't tell if it's raining or it's cloudy or what, not like in Top Gear. Compared to Top Gear, I think Top Gear has better graphics, I can tell if it's snowing, foggy, raining or what not. But the trees and backgrounds are rich, and are done very good, better than Top Gear. The sound is, well, not that great. I can't hear music, just the sounds of engines, but then again, that's what it's like in real life. The announcer sounds terrible too. It sounds like he's speaking on a bad speaker system, and he hardly says anything. Although the sounds of the motors sound real, they get really annoying!! The control is, if you ask me, the best on any racer so far (on the N64) You can choose from regular, traditional (like SNES), or the first ever game to do this, left position!! (one hand on the D pad, one hand on the control stick) This is the best setup. The control stick controls your speed, while the D pad controls where you go. It's really cool! Normal is A for gas, B for brake, C to do various things. Z, R, and L are to change gears depending on what control setup your on. On of the best features of this game is all the options you have! You can totally customize your car. You think Top Gear had lots of options? This has way more!! If you raise the gears, you go faster, but you accelerate slower. Heck, you can even say if you want manual brakes or auto brakes, and how long the steering wheel takes to get back to the middle, and a whole lot more. Not like Top Gear, you get all the cars, and all the tracks at the beginning. (They are all on tracks though, not like off-road type stuff, this is F1 racing) I think this is the best F1 simulation there is, it's really realistic and it feels like you there. This is a good game to rent. If I had a memory pack, I would like Top Gear Rally better, but if I don't, F1 Pole Position would be way better.

+ Plus: Great backgrounds, very realistic. - Minus: The tracks seem the same, just different turns. = Equals: A great, if not the best, F1 simulation!

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