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F1 Pole Position 64

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Reviewed by Mike Wales There's no doubt about it: F1 Pole Position 64 is the top choice if you're a hardcore gearhead. Ubi Soft's high-rev racing title offers a roster of world-class cars, an extensive list of tuneup and modification options, a grueling 16-track circuit, weather and damage options, the world's top drivers and pit stops. You can even get advice from your crew via an in-helmet radio. Now that's detail! Arcade addicts might be a bit put off by F-1's dazzling list of control features. Out on the tracks, though, F-1's mind-boggling attention to detail actually heightens your adrenaline rush. All those settings and control options give you a great feel for your car's strengths and weaknesses. You'll know just how to handle the daunting esses on the Japanese GP track and how to slipstream past Michael Schumacher on the Brazilian backstretch. Most other racing games don't give you that kind of confidence in your wheels. Talk about heavy traffic! F1 Pole Position 64 fully exploits the N64's real-time processing power, putting as many as a dozen cars (frankly, we lost count) on screen at once. Because all your rivals react with lightning-quick artificial intelligence, you'll have to be nimble, fast and a master tactician to weave through traffic to the head of the pack and stay there. Add F-1's options for weather and track-surface conditions and you'll feel your racing skills pushed to the red line! F1 offers multiple modes, including practice, time trial and one-on-one on a course of your choice. And then there's the ultimate test of driver and machine: the 16-race run for the World Grand Prix title. Before starting your cup chase, you'll have to race 10 qualifying laps or start in 22nd place. If all you want to do is put the pedal to the metal, F1 Pole Position 64 won't be your cup of high-octane tea. But if you like strategy and tactics as well as leadfoot speed, check out F1 Pole Position 64. It's an unusually deep and satisfying racing simulation.

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