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F-Zero X

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Reviewed by Raymond Almeda F-Zero for the Nintendo 64 is a fast and furious futuristic racer that is a big contender in a video game making industry. F-Zero is one of the anticipated Nintendo 64 titles this year. It is the sequel to the Super Nintendo original which was a big success. This game is also made by Shigeru Miyamoto, who is the father of the Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda series. This game seems to be slightly different. But the same style, and types of level detail seems to be the same. For me, this game was a blast.

Graphics 89 out of 100

F-Zero X has wonderful things to offer. The cars are detailed with a variety of colors including the color of their engine boosts. The tracks are wonderfully designed and has a decent background. The background of all the levels seems simple, but the roads on the courses are greatly animated as your car speeds up the track.

Music and Sound 91 out of 100

This game is definitely a soundtrack in itself. F-Zero X has plenty of courses and a lot of cars that gives plenty of mood to the player. The course music never gets boring, and can get exciting when it comes to the last lap. Besides, without music, a futuristic racer won't be entertaining right?

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

This is F-Zero X's great shine. There are so many racers and laps in each course, therefore, the challenge is very difficult. Besides the racer's competition, there is also a shield gauge that holds your energy throughout the game. If you lose all the power, your racer blows up. There are many obstacles to overcome in each course because each course has a different theme. If you're 36th place, you may not have any chance to come back to 1st in a race. That is why it is critical to always try your best in a race, even though you might have thought you have already won.

Game Play-Fun 98 out of 100

There is plenty of excitement and enjoyment in this anticipated sequel. Just try it. You'll find out! There are 36 racers to find! That is one of the greatest things ever put in a racer. It provides more opportunities and greater advances throughout the game. All the cars have different attributes. Will you find the right one for you? With 36 cars, you should!

Rumble Pak 100 out of 100

Just excellent. The boosts, and the collisions with other cars make this racer come alive right in your very hands!


The only frustration you'll have is the difficulty of trying to keep your racer from blowing up. You could bump other racers, but you must never try to blow THEM up. You never know if you might collide into the wall or something!

Replayability 98 out of 100

Since this is a multiplayer game, the replay value is extraordinary. There is plenty of challenge, racers, and courses to beat and get before you completely finish this game. It should last until the Nintendo 64 is no longer sold.

Game Value 97 out of 97

Oh yes! The replay value is really high! The game is great for parties! It also gives you enough challenge to give you more hours of play than just borrowing the game from any rental store.

Overall 98 out of 100

Whatever you do, buy this game. This game may be great for beginners, but the veterans of F-Zero will have their hands on this game before you know it. Get it before it ZOOMS away!

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