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F-1 World Grand Prix

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Reviewed by Luke Oetiker This is without a doubt in my mind, the most realistic F1 title ever made. There are so many options you won't know where to start. You have everything you could ever want, and much more. While I'm not an avid F1 or simulation fan, those who enjoy them will go absolutely wild over this game. Perhaps it's the TV like overall appearance of the game. There are many sequences such as the replay mode that will astonish you. After my first replay, I kind of sat there, wondering why all replay modes weren't as cool and realistic. Gran Turismo is the only racer that does it better, and only marginally.

Graphics 4 out of 5

As far as graphics go, F-1 World Grand Prix delivers on all accounts. The level of detail is unparalleled in the gaming community. The courses are exactly the same as the ones in real life, right down to billboard placement. The colors are rich and varying, and there is very minimal fog to show for the grand appearance. The cars are done perfectly as well. 22 cars in all, and every one of them is absolutely stunning. They all fit on screen at the same time, and while there is some slowdown, it is hardly noticeable. One thing that is really amazing are the rain effects. The rain in F-1 World Grand Prix is the best rain I have ever seen in a video game. It looks very realistic, and when you turn, so does the rain, which signifies that it has a set direction and isn't just at the screen. Racing while it is raining is even more visually attractive, as the cars spew water from behind and slide all in glorious 3D.

Music and Sound 4 out of 5

Perhaps what really makes or breaks a great simulation are the realistic sound effects of the engines, or lack thereof. But never fear, because F-1 World Grand Prix is here. The rumbling of the engines are done very well, as most of the cars have a distinct sound to them. Music isn't much here, but it is done well. As far as control goes, F-1 World Grand Prix is tight as F-Zero X. Perfect control accompanies the stellar graphics and great sound effects.

Game Challenge 4.5 out of 5

The learning curve is pretty steep, however. It took me a full 4 hours to get the racing down pat, but as soon as I did, I found that this game is a nearly perfect simulation. Of note though are the annoying very unhelpful pit radio. Also, some of the other cars are very pushy, and when going high speed down the final stretch neck and neck with another car, the race is guaranteed to be over. It makes me mad, but hey, it's a lot better then F-1 Pole Position.

Overall 8 out of 10

Overall F-1 World Grand Prix is a very solid title that won't disappoint any racing fans. It even has a few arcade options. Accompanied by its authentic cars and tracks, it adds to the replay value with a simulation mode that puts you in a historical race to hopefully change the outcome. If you're a sim fan, go out and buy it. If not, you should rent first, because this is a serious racer.

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