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Reviewed by Rumpy Extreme-G is a very cool game that is a lot of fun, but in the end, it loses its appeal. Here are my reasons why. Graphics: The graphics in this game are very impressive, and very very fast. When you first start the game, your just awe struck at the courses and the varied complexity of the tracks. There is a wide variety of textures, colors and shapes of every kind. The trails of smoke (or whatever it is) and explosions of the weapons are really cool and add to the game. It really feels like you have been transported into the future. The fog is noticeable, but you won't pay much attention to it because of the incredible speed in this game. This is another good looking N64 game. Graphics: 8/10 Sound: I liked the music in this game. It has good quality, and some pretty cool tunes. The music is a lot like the music in Tetrisphere. Just make sure you like techno music because that is all this game has. The sound FX are pretty cool to. The bikes engines sound like jets and every missile shot, explosion and collision are very cool and crisp. This is one of the better sounding games for N64. Sound: 9/10 Control: This is one of the better aspects of Extreme-G. When you first start, you will be ALL OVER the track, trying to get used to the touchy controls. But if you stick with it, you will get the hang of it in no time. Just be sure to master the power sliding, its an essential part of this game which may mean the difference between making it safely (and quickly) around a corner or smashing into a wall slowing you down. There is a learning curve to Extreme-G, but its not to big and once mastered, is very responsive and fun. Control: 9/10 Multiplayer: This is where Extreme-G is great and horrible. First, the battle mode...horrible. I was so unimpressed by the battle mode. Its really hard to find your opponent, and going really fast does not help at all. The battle arenas are really poorly designed. You will be struggling to line up a shot and finding your opponent(s). But, the races is where it is at. The racing multiplayer is much better than battle. This game was meant for racing with friends. You can adjust the screen to horizontal or vertical to suit your performance. Another cool thing, with 2 people you can race the CPU! Nice feature indeed. I was only able to play a 2 player game, but I would imagine that 3 or 4 player games are even better. Multiplayer: 8.5/10 Summary: Extreme-G does have its ups and downs (literally), but it is still a great game. The varied tracks are cool; ranging from lame (the hidden track) and the really cool (the "lava" stage and the "final level "Oz"). I suggest renting it first to make sure you like this game. For me, it was a weekend rental. Extreme-G is another achievement for Acclaim.

Overall: 8/10

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