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Reviewed by Well here we are with another racer! I think the last 3 or 4 Game of the Weeks were racing games. Next week I'll do Clayfighters. Extreme-G is no ordinary racing game, it's first of all, very fast, and it has combat with it. Like on Mario Kart, but instead of throwing turtle shells, you get a full arsenal of weapons that include missiles, proximity mines, warps, control swaps, and lots of other ones. Now, let's take a look at some of the details. The graphics on this game are pretty standard, nothing new here (with the exception of the speed) They are made of polygons (what else?), but on the bikes, the polygons are a bit to squarish compared to some games. There's a code that let's you change the type of graphics from polygons the pixels, very much like what it would be on the PSX (the code is you type in UGLYMODE as your name when you pick your bike) The backgrounds are done nicely, not so heavy on the detail, but who cares when your going this fast! When you get the secret Neon bike, and you use a turbo, the screen get's VERY messed up. Need I say that again? VERY messed up like you can barley make out the track, it sometimes goes upside down, and it looks terrible. I'm not sure if they made that intentional (to make it look like your going into light speed or something) or is just an error in the programming. You'd think the testers would have found it! The music has a steady techno beat to it. They could have used something better that I like, but then again, the music suites the futuristic setting. There are some sound effects, like when you hit the side of the track, shoot a missile, etc. I don't remember that many sound effects, maybe I was too much into the game. . . The control is pretty basic, nothing new here either. Hold down Z to go, A is to fire your primary weapon (lazer, pulse cannons, etc.) C down is to turbo boost (you only have three), C right to fire your secondary weapon (your rockets, mines, fusion, etc.) and C up to change view. The R button is to power slide. I think this goes much, much, much, much to fast! You might as well turn backwards! This is almost no good for turning, and I rarely use it. The analogue control stick works very well with this game, and I think is tuned perfectly. But at this speed with these bikes, it may be a little hard to not crash into walls! Yes, this game is very fun. It's the first type of this game on the N64 that's not for kids (Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing). It sounded really fun when I heard about it, and was very fun the first few times I played it. But, overall, I was disappointed on how the game was. I expected something different. The part I hated about the game was battle mode. I HATE IT!! It's so dumb! The arenas are so small, you have to hold the R button down. Remember what I said about the R button! The arenas are so small, and the weapons are un-accurate, so I almost have top stop to hit someone. I can imagine this on 4 player mode! I wish they made the courses bigger, so I could enjoy them. Multiplayer battle mode is one of my favorite parts about some games. Unless you are a die hard racing fan, and have one controller, this games for you. I think this is a great game to rent.

+ Plus: Good graphics, excellent control, and an over-all good feeling. - Minus: Dumb battle mode! = Equals: One of the best games to rent, but DKR is still my favorite racing game. (And it's gonna be hard to beat)

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