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Reviewed by Kamran Khan Let me start out by saying that this has been an anticipated N64 game for me, it features fast, furious, and intense gameplay that no other N64 game has to date. There are about 12 different futuristic iron bikes that are able to be used in any of the game's 12 tracks. Although this game has the speeds, there tends to be a lot of frames missing. The fogging, I don't even realize that, but the one player and multi-player games are slow, but fast moving. In the 4 player mode, it seems that the game is running at a constant 2 frames a second, it makes Mario Kart and GoldenEye's 4 player frames look like a fully animated Disney movie, and more!!! What I'm trying to say is that the 2 and 3 are OK, but can get really slow which makes the game less fun. You can hardly tell where your opponents are in the tracks, or battle mode (4 player wise). The two player is OK. The graphics at some points in the game, seem as if rushed. They get a 7/10 because the one player mode still has you jumping speeds (up to 300 MPH). The music is pretty much up to par with other good N64 games. I could say that they aren't as techno and boom-bassed as Tetrisphere, nor as awesome as GoldenEye's tunes, but they are better than something like Top Gear Rally's music. I'll give it an 8/10. The gameplay and control is near perfect, but it's not great in multiplayer mode due to the heavy slowdown. It gets a 9/10. Well is the game fun, if one keeps going one and two player, it's just as much fun one would get from something like any other one-two-player game. Overall, this game gets an 8/10, it's fast, has fun solo, but is a weak party game. If your just interested in single player, buy this, if your a multiplayer fanatic, rent, then see what you think.

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