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Earthworm Jim 3D

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Reviewed by Mario1286 "An Ego to save Jim's mind, and it's a really big one!" That's the voice that is heard when you start the game, or at least similar. I think it's a bit corny. I'm an Earthworm Jim fan, and every aspect of the previous games made me laugh. But not that voice. All the other aspects are good, though.

Graphics: 9.9 out of 10

All the graphics are very good. For example, Psycrow looks awesome. I almost gasped when I saw him for the first time. Fatty Rosevelt's saucer also looks like a real model. King Cucumber's texture is so realistic. The gnomes shot from the Gnome Gun, I thought, looked almost real. All the guns look very good, too. The vending machines you get your guns from look almost like real soda-pop machines. The Chicken Gun looks like a real chicken. The eggs from the Chicken Gun are real-looking, too. Jim's suit looks very real, with all it's textures and details. The reason I gave it a 9.9 is because of Jim's head. It looks plain different. All the other games have Jim's head a tall, thin head, while this head is short and fat. I just didn't like it. But the pig Jim rides on looks almost good enough to roast. The surroundings in the brain "Food" left my mouth watering. I also became hungry, it looked so real.

Music and Sound: 10 out of 10

The music is superb. I had myself humming the theme for "Coup De Eate" for days. The farmyard music for that stage made me think of a barn and cows. When you shoot your Standard Gun, it even makes the sound of bullet shells hitting the floor after you fire. The sound of you whipping Jim's head almost sounds like a real whip cracking. Overall, the music and sound is great.

Game Challenge: 7 out of 10

Not exactly the hardest game in the world, but there are some major challenges. The overall levels are normal, but some of the tasks are hard. Like getting to the undercover crow in time. It took me at least 20 tries to get there in time. And when I get there, I find out I have to do it again! With a lower time limit! Another challenge is the training course. The first time is easy, but the second time, that's totally different. You have to get to the finish line while chopping off cows heads with the Cleaver Gun, collect Marbles and survive all in a lower time then the last. The course is also longer than the first, too. The easiest thing to do, though, is probably launch the refrigerators. You literally can't miss them. There right in the middle of a small room, with a button on one side. You activate the button, and they launch. You then get a Golden Utter. Ridiculous.

Game Play-Fun: 10 out of 10

The game is just plain fun. The game is as funny as you can get, that's why it's so much fun. The story, Jim gets knocked out by a flying steer and loses all his marbles. You control Jim's Super Ego to collect Jim's Marbles again. And the Marbles are really marbles. You collect his Marbles in hi four brains, which are (in order) "Memories", "Food", "Happiness, and "Horror." You collect Golden Utters to advance to the next brain. As you collect Marbles, you grow smarter. The funny thing about it is, you are as "Smart as" something. You start out as "Smart as Pond Scum." The dialog is also funny. For example, when you meet King Cucumber, he says, "I am King Cucumber, help me, for I am trapped!" And Jim replies, "Well King Cucumber, you certainly got yourself in a pickle!" The pig Jim surfs on while battling bosses is also humorous. The game is very fun.


The most frustrating part is probably the bosses. They are really hard! It took me for ever just to tie their Marbles with mine! The second hardest part is getting to the undercover crow in time. It took me at least 20 times the first time. Then there is the second time. And that's really hard. I only made it with one second to spare. My face turned red and I clenched my controller so tight that my hands turned white when I was always almost there, and ran out of time. Those are the frustrating parts.

Replayability: 5 out of 10

The levels are fun to play the first time. But once you beat a level, they get boring. You just don't want to play them anymore, especially the boss levels. So they are fun, no, really fun, to play the first time, but the levels get dull after a period of time.

Game Value: 8 out of 10

Worth the price, but I'd rather rent it, because not only dose it cost less, but the game is boring and dull after you beat it. Unless you like to play games over and over again, I'd rent it first to see if I'd like to buy it, because I'll have to get rid of it, or keep it lying around and never play it because I already beat it.

Overall: 9 out of 10

In conclusion, this game is a pretty decent game. It's weak spots are the replayability and game value. The game is fun while it lasts, but is boring after you beat it.

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