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Donkey Kong 64

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Reviewed by Rocky Donkey Kong has always been a famous character in video game history since its debut in the 80s. At first he was one of Mario's rivals (he was the one that always kidnapped the princess at first), but slowly he became a more complex character, definitely becoming famous on the SNES, with Donkey Kong Country. This time there was no Mario around, so Donkey finally had the success that he deserved. With various sequels and various other characters by his side, Donkey has finally made it to the 64-bit era, and after so long, we can finally have a taste of RARE'S ultimate Kong masterpiece!

Graphics: 4 out of 5

Just what you'd expect from a platform: colorful, cheerful and cartoony. You might think that the design is original, but I personally think that the graphics resemble too much those of Banjo-Kazzoie. Not that it's a bad thing, but the graphics should be a little more polished for its time. On the other hand, the character animations are formidable, with many facial expressions available to our new characters. You can see Konkey smile, be confused (most of the time) Cheer, or even be sad. Lighting effects and other similar delights are present, only in minor part compared to other games of the same genre. In my opinion, Rare could have made a new engine to test out this game better. anyhow, another touchy subject is the frame rate. Not at drastic levels like Jet Force Jemini's, but still rather annoying. The camera movement is decent, but it still gives some problems in some situations. For example, when you're trying to jump from somewhere, the camera mysteriously positions itself in front of the character, the worst position to jump with.Other than these minor problems, the graphics are better than most other games out there.

Music and Sound: 3 out of 5

The music did not catch on to me that much. Basically, some old DKC music has returned to this version, but in a watered down fashion. They have been transformed somehow. The music transition between various places is horrible. Just when you're getting used to the particular beat of the jungle in the first level, you enter a cave, and the music totally changes into something not better identified. A bland mix of noises and percussions. You won't mumble those a lot. On the other hand, the various sounds are something else. Donkey and the others make a very realistic Monkeyish sound, while water, wind, fire and other effects are all reproduced magnificently.

Game Challenge: 5 out of 5

The game offer a good challenge, not a desperate one, but a fun and entertaining one. Basically you can choose to complete the game normally, beating it and having a nice little ending movie. Or, you could choose to complete the game 100%, something that is nearly impossible. I'll try to explain how many things there are to complete in each level. There are 5 golden bananas for each character to collect by resolving some hard puzzles or making you use your reflexes. Since the characters in the game are 5 there are 25 Golden bananas to collect in each level. Then there are the regular bananas. Much like the coins in Super Mario, you have to collect 100 bananas to get an extra life, but also to complete another objective in the level. There are 100 bananas for each character, so there go 500 yellow things right there. Then the blueprints. There is a character in the game that wants to help you against K.Rool, but he needs some blueprints to complete his project. The more blueprints you find, the more time you'll have on the last level to...but that's another story. There are 5 blueprints in all, 1 for each monkey. Something titanic, isn't it!!!!! There are eight levels in all, packed with all these fun things to do. Obviously, there are other objectives like banana medals, fairy pictures, and so on, and the things to do never really end. Fantastic!

Game Play-Fun: 5 out of 5

Thinking back to the things I wrote before, the Gameplay is all that. It's terribly fun and addicting. Even if you're not a collecting freak, you'll get caught up in completing every objective of every level just for the fun of it. You'll find that you can control some characters better than others, or that you can have a better time a particular character's missions, but everything from the concept, to the banana fairies is awesome in this game. It is played out so well, that you couldn't even imagine! 5 playable characters in a platform? Who ever thought of that? It makes the gaming experience that much more satisfying.


Unlike Jet Force Gemini, this game almost never gets frustrating. Even if you try to complete it 100% at least it's a choice you're making, nobody's forcing you to do it. Very neat indeed. Few are the games that can say that they don't bring frustration to gamers. This is one of 'em.

Replayability: 5 out of 5

You'll be playing this game night and day,and even if you're done with it, there are always the objectives to accomplish to see the true ending of the game. This game has more stuff in it than an RPG! (almost, exaggeration there)

Game Value: 5 out of 5

Definitely worth the price, even though it's graphical and musical flaws. Very fun and addicting, you'll be playing it for a long time.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10

One of the best games in hid genre, Donkey Kong debuts on the N64 with all he has to offer.Nothing more can be said. An excellent product worthy of the title of Masterpiece. Only by Rare.

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