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Diddy Kong Racing

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Reviewed by Wizardsoft What a good turn for Nintendo. What it lacks in the number of games, it makes up for it gameplay. If you can still remember Mario Kart in the old Super NES console, remember how it redefine go-kart racing with its' famous characters using projectiles to slow down opponents or just knock them out silly. Then came Mario Kart 64 for the N64 console and boy did it make a come back. With great graphics and it still preserved the originality of the old one. What was accomplished was 3d world of racing & delightful characters born from a 2d world. Finally came Diddy Kong Racing where it took a step ahead of Mario Kart 64 with a totally new band of character all new except Diddy Kong. It use to be that we can only race in a go-kart in Mario Kart 64, but now that barrier is broken when Diddy Kong racing invites us to land, sea, and air. The new vehicles include the plane and the Hovercraft. Each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. Now, instead of just racing to beat certain racing leagues, you are put in to different worlds. Each world will consist of different race areas, leaders, challenges, and secrets. Balloons are used in this game which are color coded to represent different items. Also you get powerups from getting the same color balloons up to 3x. Every time you beat a challenge/race you will be awarded a golden balloon which is key to other doors. Sure t his will seem like little kiddy game, but it more challenging than you think!

Graphics 5 out of 5

Great graphics. The animation is a smooth as a cartoon. You can spend all your time just discovering the 3d map.

Music and Sound 5 out of 5

While racing all through the game, you probably won't even notice the music and sound. You will too busy trying to beat the game to even notice it, but it's there. The music sets the mood for the whole game. You will hear ever boost, bump, screech, & hit in great sound.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

The game play is as fun as a racing game gets with the humorous characters, special levels, big bosses, and great replay value. If you think you finished a world when you just went to ever door and won, think again. You will have "challenges" to face like collecting coins during the race and still get in first place. What is even more difficult is when you get the secret to the levels, the leaders gets harder.

Rumble Pak 3 out of 5

Nothing really special with the rumble pack. You just feel every hit or boost you take.


What's frustrating is getting the coins in certain levels where the coins are located in hard to get places and you usually fall into last place trying to get them all. Another thing is the control for different vehicles need some practicing to get used to but you get the hang of it quickly.

Replayability 5 out of 5

As I said the replay value is excellent, but is very doubtful that you would win the whole entire game without any troubles.

Game Value 5 out of 5

Most games you would spend $40-$70 and come to a disappointment, but if you have money to spend and want to find a great & fun racing game you should buy it. If you don't really have the money or not willing to spend much money then you should go out and rent it. You won't be disappointed.

Overall 5 out of 5

Diddy Kong Racing is one of the best games I have ever played with great graphics, sound, control, overall play value. Mario Kart 64 was good but Diddy Kong Racing is a whole lot better. Nintendo really has a winner on their hands.

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