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Diddy Kong Racing

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Reviewed by The graphics for this game are amazing!! Most Nintendo games have something special to them, in this case is the graphics and the sound (not like Star Fox though). The graphics contain detailed texture mapping, and are very clean and clear cut. The polygons are hardly noticeable, and are smooth and round. These are some of the best graphics I've seen on a racing game. The backgrounds are very detailed, and the characters are clean, there's not very many glitches. I would like to congratulate Rare for these excellent graphics! The sound is also quite good. It has a fair amount of speech and voice samples and good background music. The voices for the characters are very good. They sound like that's the type of voice you would expect for those characters. Check out for some voice samples. One of my favorites is Taj (the blue elephant that helps you) when you talk to him, I love the background, and his voice is so cool!! Banjo's voice is strange, but it seems right, somehow. Again, I'll give thumbs up to Rare. The control is good, not the greatest, but will do. Personally, I like the control on Mario Kart better, it just seems easier, it's hard to explain. The cart control is very similar to Mario Kart, exactly the same, except I think the analog stick is used better in MK. For the hover craft, the control is much sharper, you can turn faster. R makes you do a little jump. For the plane, just like Star Fox, double click R do barrel role (it's different though) you'd have to try it. If I have not mentioned before, the control is just like Mario Kart (as in A to go, B brake, etc.) This is truly a great game. I'm very glad Rare made it! It has great replay value, and is very fun. Some people call it a cross between Mario and Mario Kart. Just imagine the hole castle in Mario, and think of driving around in it. This is sort of the concept of DKR, but it is different in a way, and better. When you go into the painting, you will drive into your level and race. It's like that, but again, you'd have to try it. There are 24 tracks, and 4 battle tracks (you have to get the battle tracks in the game first) There is 2 different types of battle, strait out fighting (like Mario Kart) and there is a capture the "something" type. It's really fun! To all who liked Mario, and Mario Kart, this one's for you!

+ Plus: Excellent graphics, sound, and replay value. - Minus: Theme is more for younger kids, but that does not mean it's not good! = Equals: One of my favorite games, and one of the best!!!

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