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Diddy Kong Racing

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Reviewed by Christopher Barrett It's been a year since N64s come out. One of there newest games is Diddy Kong Racing & that's what this review is about. Diddy Kong Racing is a game like Mario Kart & Super Mario 64 combined. You to find balloons to open doors to levels & worlds like in Mario 64, except in Mario 64 you need stars. Some are just sitting there, but most of them you have to race for. You need to win trophies by beating the trophy races, get amulets by beating huge animals in races or getting a key & beating the key levels & things like that.


This game has great graphics. The missiles hit you & theres an explosion & you go flying, I'm sure would be real if it wasn't a cartoon. If you slip on oil you twist & slide. If you get different power speeds your boost is a different color. So not only does it have good graphics it has very detailed graphics.

Music and sound

It has nice music to listen to & sound effects that are nuts. If you want to listen to all of them go to the magic codes & type in "JUKEBOX." Then go to the audio options & there will be a music test. Now listen to all of the sound effects & Music. When you use a speed it sounds like a rocket blasting off. When you get hit with something or slip on something you & go nuts.

Game Play-Fun

I think this game is fun because theres 3 different vehicles, the car, the plane, & the Hovercraft. It's fun when you shoot the other guys with missiles & hit them with spiked balls or make them slip on oil, & do flips. It's a real cool game.

Game Play-Rumble Pak

This game with the rumble pack is awesome because it makes it feel so cool. When you speed, or crash, or get by a missiles it shakes. When you get hit by a missile it shakes the most. When you crash it shakes a little less. When you use a speed it shakes the least. It's real cool. Frustrating Sometimes it's a little frustrating when you crash & everyone passes you or your at the end & your in first place but then someone hits you with a missile or something & you don't win. Sometimes it's frustrating when you & the computer do the same thing but the computer some how the computer goes much faster. Sometimes the computer leaves bubbles right in front of you, you get caught in the bubble, & everyone passes you. All of this stuff is pretty annoying.


If you lose in a race you can replay as many times as you need. But in the trophy races to redo a level you'll have to restart the trophy race. Theres only 4 races in a trophy race, & theres one for each of the worlds.

Game Value

I think this game is worth the price because it's like two games in one. It's an adventure game & it's a racing game. It's also the cheapest game for N64. It's only $50. Theres only one other game that cheap & it's Bomberman 64.


Car: The car is probably the fastest vehicle. But when it's in water it's as fast as a snail. Plane: The plane is fast in water, land, & air but it's sometimes hard to control without R. Hovercraft: The Hovercraft goes about the same speed in water as it does on lend. But that speed is pretty slow.

Silver Coin Challenge

When you get into a world & beat all the races, go & race the animal. If you beat him he will give you a challenge to beat all the levels again, but you have to get all 8 silver coins & get first place on the same try. You have to beat all of the levels like this. After you have go back to the big animal & race him again. This time it'll be harder. If you beat him he'll give you a piece of an amulet. There are 4 pieces to the amulet.


On a scale from one to 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, I would rate this a 9, because it has good graphics, sound, music, vehicles, adventure. But there are sometimes when you get frustrated with the game.

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