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Diddy Kong Racing

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Reviewed by Bomb Boshi

Is Rare On A Roll or What?

Well, if you ask me, this is some year for Rare.  First off, there was Blast Corps released last March, then there was Goldeneye 007 released back in late August, and now Diddy Kong Racing. Rare must be on a roll, because they haven't released a 'bad' game yet.  But the one thing that stands out most in Rares newest title, is the exceptional graphics, sound and game-play.  This just shows how committed Rare is to making a great game.

DKR, Another Remake Of MK64?

As most of you sit there, reading this review, your probably thinking "I've played Diddy Kong Racing, and it was Ok, but what's so great about it?" Here's what it's about, it's about the great graphics, the awesome sound, and the challenge. Most people would say this is a Mario Kart 64 re-make, but it's not. Do you see any of the characters in Diddy Kong Racing that's in Mario Kart 64? No. In Diddy Kong Racing, there is a lot more to it than Mario Kart 64. For Instance, In DKR, you can ether do Adventure Mode or Tracks mode. Adventure mode is when you go to different sub-worlds in Timber Island and collect balloons by racing. Do you see any of this in Mario Kart 64? Nope, it's all different. But...There are some things in Diddy Kong Racing that are similar to ones in Mario Kart 64, such as Racing and collecting Items, but that's about all.


What can I say? I haven't seen a game with better graphics than this one. Where ever you go, from Mountains to the Ocean, where ever, there is no polygonal square blocks or anything of that sort that you can see. All the graphics are smooth and not bulky, like some Nintendo 64 games. So, you pretty much must see these graphics!


In a way of speaking, do you ever get annoyed with music the keeps re-peating, and re-peating, and re-peating? (shall I go on?) Well, in Diddy Kong Racing, you won't find any of that. The music doesn't get annoying at all, it's actually very nice, and good sounding, there's absolutely no reason why some-one should not like this music, unless they don't have hearing (Ha Ha)!


Ok, here's where you got me. In Diddy Kong Racing, there isn't really a challenge, it's just skill. I mean, how can there be a challenge in going to different places and racing? There isn't, you just need the skill.


Seeing that I praise this game so much, this definitely get a score of 10 in my records!!

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