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Dark Rift

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Reviewed by John Zackel How to begin? Dark Rift is from Vic Tokai, the makers of the superb, cough, game Criticom for the PSX. If you're lucky enough to have ever played it, forget that piece of crap! BUT, the game has enough bad, dismal control problems to choke a horse. Now I'll stop the whining and get to the review.


The graphics are really good , and sort of reminded me of Tekken. I personally didn't like the backgrounds which are hand drawn. The characters are surprisingly diverse but there's only two interesting ones, I think so anyway. Morphix, a being who can morph his arms into blades, a la T-1000 in Terminator 2, and Demonica, a demon from "the dark side". Oooh. But the rest are standard fighters. The animations are most impressive. Minus the backgrounds, which are very flat. Me score: 4/5.


The music is pretty good, reminiscent of Doom 64. Morphix's music is easily the best. The grunts, groans, etc., are normal, but the ladies' groans are kinda kinky, ahem. Now with that, let's quickly move on. Moi score: 3.5/5.Control Siiiiiigh. The big dent in the nice red convertible. This category makes this game an average rental and an average paperweight. While I may be exaggerating, the control is sloppy. The pad is better to use than the stick, but it makes the oh-so wonderful N64 controller look like a vodka-sipping clown. Trying to be good but coming out like a, well, a drunken clown. The buttons have a delayed reaction to the fighters' moves. The combos are tough to link moves, and there's a incredibly non-helpful sidestepping move. This is easily the worst part of the game. There also could have been more special moves. Sigh-my score: 1.5/5.


This is an easy "do not buy - just rent once and never again" game. So, if your a fighting fan, definitely rent this one and wish this was KI Gold. Everyone else, go rent Wave Race or Star Fox or Turok, or some other great game you don't own. P.S. the story is a sci-fi b.s. story but each characters' story is actually kind of good. Bottom line: Pretty good rental, but not as fun as KI Gold or even MK Trilogy. Graphically wow, control is sad.

Overall score: 3/5

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