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Crusi'n World

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Reviewed by Kenneth Zelaya

Graphics B

The graphics are pretty cool!! They really did some good work. They really improved the game. With the better cars and the stages. They also improved the "Thorphy Girl" she really looks more real. The backgrounds are really beautifully done. I think it's pretty cool that they added that you can do flips and mega rolls. I especially like when you get the power level and you use it when you do that you know that your really burning rubber!!! But what I think that they really messed up is this car called "Sardine Extreme" I mean what's that. They would of made it better if they added a couple of more stages like Alaska, Antarctic, or Canada. But overall the game is pretty cool.

Music and Sound B-

The music is pretty better than from the last one. I especially like the stages songs. The song I like the most is Russia's song. What is pretty cool is that they took that person that kept on saying "Wow The Grand Canyon" that was pretty annoying. The sounds in the game is more realistic. When you shift gears you hear it reve up and I think that's awesome.

Game Challenge B+

The game is pretty challenging especially Austilia that's probably one of the hardest stages in the game. What I suggest to do is to not do any tricks in that stage and try to avoid crashes and the bumps the same for the moon. I guest that people would have trouble with the Challenge Mode than Crusi 'N' World. What I suggest is in Challenge Mode to put the laps on 6 and put it on medium when you pick the challenge pick the one with Germany. Because if you keep doing tricks on every jump and get in first place you could eventually get 100 points in a jiffy. But overall the game challenge is challenging than the one before.

Game Play-Fun A

The game play is cool especially when you play 4 players. Because you could jump over them. Also it's really fun if your a only child because you will never get tired of the game trying to find out some codes or how to do any new flips or even trying to get new cars. It will take you awhile to get the extra cars but it will be worth seeing a school bus on the moon. Overall it's a really fun game to play.

Rumble Pak A

This one is really cool because you get to choose if you want it to rumble a lot or a little. It's tight when you crash and you feel the rumbling it feels like your really crashing. Or when you are turning and you feel the shaking this game is one of the good games that you use the rumble pack with. So this game is really good with the rumble pack.


I would say the most frustrating thing is that when your ahead and a car gets real close well not that close like near the rear of your car you lose your place. So you would have to be going real fast and be really ahead to not lose your place. Also that even if you crash once they all come and get ahead of you and you would have to be able not to crash to try to get back ahead.

Game Value B+

This game is really worth the price you would have a fun time with this game. I really recommend this game you have hours of fun. Or at least trying to pass the game. With all the tricks and short cuts and cars also secret cars this game is really dope. You'll have fun trying to beat the game on different difficultly.

Overall B+

If you are not convinced by my review or whether to buy it or not you should rent it first. Trust me you'll like doing the tricks off the other cars backs and you will really like this game. If not then just look at the other racing games this is probably the best one.

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