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Clayfighters 63 1/3

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Reviewed by Clayfighters 63 1/3 is another new fighter, but this game might be more popular than most. First of all, it's very original. All the fighters are made of, nothing but clay (and you expected more?) This game is also very funny, it has some of the coolest moves around, and I'd call it (although I don't like this word) silly. Yes, it's silly and fun. But, then again, there's nothing really new in it, and it does not feel like a real good fighting game (as in realistic) Well, here's what I have to say: The graphics are clean and well done. It seems like there's people in the background moving clay figures around, that's how real it looks. You can tell the developers of this game spend quite some time on graphics, the backgrounds are highly detailed, the fighters the same. The characters don't look polygonal at all, especially Blob (yes, he's just a blob of clay) They look really round, and over all, every thing is clear cut and nicely done. The levels are huge! Actually, some are so big, you need maps for them. Maps? Yeah, you heard me. Each stage have "breaking points" so, let's say there's a door in the place your fighting in, most likely you'll be able to punch your opponent in there, and fight in that room! Some say there are TONS of breaking points to be found in the game. Use your imagination and try to find some new breaking points. The sound effects for this game are great. Instead of lots of grunts and screams, they talk. When you do certain move the guys will say something like "EAT COW!" "Looooser" "Ooga Booga!" etc. The voices are just what I thought they would be, and they too are nicely done. The music is cool, and fits into the scene your in. Like when you get into another stage by breaking in, the music will change quite good (if I can remember correctly). The control is very basic, actually, the same as most 3-D fighting game. It is just like mortal kombat or KI Gold: wimpy, medium, strong (they use better names is this though). Like in lots of 3-D fighting games, R and Z/L are to 3-D rotate. Simple. But somehow the controls felt a little slow and not too responsive. I think they could have done better. Over all, I think this is a good game to rent. I rented it, but got bored of it after awhile, so I played GoldenEye (one of my favorite games ever) Like I said this game is original (for example, instead of saying awesomely cool combo, it'll say itty bitty girly combo, and stuff like that) There is also tons of different moves, especially for Blob, who uses parts of his uh, body to make stuff and attack with them. It's cool. The replay value just was not there, maybe I sick of fighting games, or maybe I was just having a bad day. I never really like any fighting game after I got sick of MK. I think they need to make new fighting games, with more original stuff. Any way, here's my final words:

+ Plus: Great visuals, and sounds. Very original and fun! - Minus: Not so good replay value. = Equals: A really good game to rent, but I don't suggest buying it.

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