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Chameleon Twist

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Reviewed by Slimu Chameleon Twist, awesome tongue twisting action game, or just another try at a game as good as Mario? Well, in my opinion, it's a tongue twisting action game. It is really NOTHING like Super Mario 64. The whole concept is different. The story line in this game is very simple. One day a curious chameleon sees a talking rabbit hoping down a trail saying, "Oh Dear I'm late." The chameleon follows the rabbit into a mysterious pot. Now the chameleon is stuck in this world, you the gamer has to try to help him get out. The game's graphics in some spots can get a little choppy and pixelized. Other than that, the graphics are grade A-. As for the music, its good not great, you really don't hear the music when you are trying to grab a pole with your tongue to get away from hornets. :-) The sound effects are pretty good. Again, you really don't pay attention to them too much when you are in the middle of the game. The control in this game couldn't be better. The chameleons in Chameleon Twist have many moves, and with a little practice in the five different training rooms, you can perfect them in about 10 min. The coolest move is grabbing a pole with your tongue and rotating around the pole tripping everyone around it. All in all this game is pretty hard. The hardest boss is the queen bee or hornet, I couldn't tell what it was. The bosses can take a long time to beat if you don't know the fundamentals of this game. The game has a lot of fun times and a lot of frustrating times. Cool bonuses in the game include five different and challenging training rooms, I think I mentioned that, complete 3-D environments, total freedom and many others. There are about 4 or 5 characters to choose from including, Jack, Davey, and Linda. Jack being the best in my opinion. To wrap it up, this game is a must have for all die-hard platformers. When you first pop the game into you N64, you will think that this game is VERY low-quality. Like most Nintendo 64 games, you have to give it some time before you judge this game on its appearance. If you really aren't into those kinds of games I don't think you would like it. This game offers 3-D graphics, excellent control and of course chameleons! If you are REALLY desperate for a good N64 game, I would rent this before buying it.

Graphics 9.1 Sound 7 Controls 8.1 Challenge 8.9 Replay 9.9 Overall 9.4

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