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Chameleon Twist

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Reviewed by Lately, not too many of Nintendo 64's games have been as good in gameplay than it has in graphics. Unfortunately, not too many games are both Fun AND Graphically nice. It's great to see that there are actually some games that are comming out that ARE BOTH! One of them is Chameleon Twist. Unfortunately for most game players, Chameleon Twist wasn't advertised as much as it should have been and players looking for a good game won't probably come across Chameleon Twist.

Graphics 96 out of 100

The graphics are beautiful. There is very limited sprite chopping (my term for a 3-d object disappearing into the walls or the background) and the detail is perfect in the respect that too much detail takes away from the game as does too little. The ground and wall matting looks nice and realistic. Unfortunately, The graphics can get a little too cute for older gamers. The camera angles were beautifully positioned and the chase camera fooled nicely. If only other games could get this camera angle thing down as good as in Chameleon Twist.

Music and Sound 87 out of 100

The Music was upbeat and sounded good and not too annoying. However, the music and sound effects were not anything to write home about. The sound effects were average to a game like this. None of the music ever really stuck in your head like the music from Zelda games or the Mario Bros. sereis.

Game Challenge 82 out of 100

This game was harder to rate it's challenge because of 2 things: 1) the mastery of the moves and 2) the actual game play and puzzles. The time it takes to master the moves is too long in my opinion. It should take only several minutes, not 20 minutes. However, the puzzle solving and the general "going through the game" were too easy at most parts. The difficulty varied extremely. Most of the game was easy, however, fighting the Queen Boss and the level with the quick sand and the poles were incredibly tough to master.

Game Play-Fun 94 out of 100

Despite it's ease, Chameleon Twist was a VERY fun game. The ability to get through the levels was great as was the "sort of good story line". Not much to say about the fun except that it was indeed fun. unfortunately, The multi-player game left something to desire for. A few new levels or something...


As the ease of the game made it fun, the difficultly of the controls and special movements made it frustrating.

Replayability 82 out of 100

The replay sticks around for a while. After you beat it, You might want to try and get more than 20 crowns in each level. In the book, it says that something special happens that is fantastic, but I thought the surprise stinks, especially after the 2 hours i played to get all the crowns. After that, There not much to do.

Game Value 79 out of 100

Because its so easy, The purchase value drops. This might be better as a rental. IT took me a total of 3 and a half hours to COMPLETELY finish this game, even WITH all the crowns.

Story line (plot) 84 out of 100

The story line fit the game well. however, there wasn't much of a story for a Chaleleon Mutant to tell.

Ending 93 out of 100

Great Game Great Ending. I m one of the few gamers that play a game with one MAIN reason: to see the ending. Generally, Nintendo 64 game endings stinks (I noticed Game Boy endings are better than most-see Zelda: Links Awakening for example). This one was a good ending. I liked the little screen a lot, But then it was over, just like that with the words "THE END". I HATE those words!!

Overall 87 out of 100

A great game with great graphics AND a lot of fun. It just needed to be a little longer. If you like animals mutation and that kinda stuff, or if you have young kids, Buy this one, you can't lose. But if you are good at games or aren't really into cute things, RENT it. In either case, play this FANTASTIC game.

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