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Chameleon Twist

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Reviewed by Greg Mullins Jr. This is the review for Chamealeon Twist. In this game, you are one of four chamealeons that follow the White Rabbit through a magical portal into another land. You then get arms and legs and follow the white rabbit through 6 different worlds, each with their own boss. This game also has a four player match with two different modes and each mode has 4 unique levels. There is also a training mode where the white rabbit teaches you all your attacks and tongue moves.

Graphics 8 out of 10

The graphics are good on this game, although the camera angles are usually set and you can't move it, and when you can, it's not very helpful. The graphics for the chamealeons are good and smooth. The pool table in Level 6 is my favorite part of the game and looks nice with your chamealeon standing beside the "huge" balls. Overall, this game has better graphics than a Super NES game, but not the best graphics like 1080.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

The music is pretty original... for about 5 minutes. The music is upbeat and happy, kind of like Yoshi's Story until it starts repeating itself. The sound is pretty good, but unfortunately, no voices. I like the sound the chamealeons make when they stick out their tongues and the machine-gun spitting sound.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

The game itself isn't that difficult unless you're going after the crowns. If you are, the challenge goes up because each level has 21-25 crowns each and to get all of them you will have to poke around everywhere and risk a lot of lives. The hard jumps are usually pole vaulting jumps and jumps where you have to spin around poles. You get 10 hearts (hits) and unlimited continues with 4 save slots. The bosses are variable, from simply spitting various things at them until they fall off the edge to spinning around a pole until you trip a boss, then grab ants and spit them at her before she gets up and starts an unstoppable spin attack.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

The game is fun and you can compete with other people in the four player match or you can race through the one player levels because every level is timed so that you can see how fast you can get through a particular level. The times are saved in memory so you can compete against yourself. But there are some parts that are very hard, such as the quicksand in Level 5 or the moving poles and platforms in Level 4. The pool table in Level 6 is my favorite part of the game, but you need 50 crowns to play it. Another part of the game which is nice is if you can get 20 crowns in every level, a 7th level opens which is a platform with 6 pictures. When you go through a picture, you fight one of the 6 bosses. Most people will say the best part of the game is the battle mode. It has two different modes and each mode has 4 unique levels. The first mode is Survival Match in which you use your tongue and objects to knock people off the platforms. The second mode is Time Trial and it is the same as Survival except for one difference. If you get knocked off the platform, you can jump back on them but a timer beside your name will start counting how long you're off the platforms. The winner is the one with the least time on their clock.

Rumble Pak 2 out of 10

I gave this a 2 because if you have a Rumble Pak, at least it shakes some of the time. The only time that it shakes is when you get hit by somebody, and that's pretty useless.


Some parts and some crowns are frustrating, but if you're an average player, you should get past these parts with little to no trouble.

Replayability 5 out of 10

It has some replayability value if you don't get all the crowns the first time around. That should keep you busy for 5-10 days. After that, the only replayable thing is the four player mode. But with 8 different levels, that should be enough.

Game Value 5 out of 10

I only paid 40 bucks for mine, but even at that, it isn't one I wouldn't recommend to buy. It possibly would be better to rent it from a local video store once or twice and get the same satisfaction as buying it. Or a better idea, save up one or two more weeks allowance and get a real game like 1080 or GoldenEye.

Overall 6 out of 10

This game has good graphics, some challenge, sound that will make you mute your TV, cool four player capabilities, not that frustrating, and a COOL pool table. If you don't have a Rumble Pak or you do and are low on batteries, don't worry about what it feels like, it's nothing.

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