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Reviewed by Phillip Perry Castlevania is a pretty exciting game for someone to play. It is a mix of Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. You can either have the choice to be Reindhart or Carry. Reindhard is related to the Belmont family that kills vampires. Carry is a young girl trying to kill Dracula. A lot of Nintendo 64 owners will like this game because they are looking for any game on the Nintendo 64 like Resident Evil.

Graphics 8 out of 10

The graphics are pretty good, but not great. It is nothing like Zelda but it has pretty good graphics. It is not blocky like a Playstation game and it has great detail. But when you look at things in the distance they look like cheap cardboard. Maybe Konami should of took the time to make the distant objects more detailed. Some the bushes look a little funny too. Overall it has good graphics and detail.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

People don't talk that much! It is very rare to hear anyone talking. Instead you have to read lots of dialog. I think they should at least of had the people talking like when you fight Dracula. The game does have some frightening music but not much. They should of played more of an scary kind of music to make the player wonder "Why is the music starting and is there something around this corner?" That would of made the game a little more exciting.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

A lot of the jumps are more challenging then the monsters. You probably fall to your death more time then you will get killed by a monster. The hardest thing of the game was carrying the nitro without jumping to the place you need to blow up that has the seal. The final stage of Dracula is also very difficult. You should stock up on every chicken, roast beef, and media kit you can find and buy because you will need every last one of them.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

Castlevania is a fun mix of Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. It has its scary moments such as the time when the vampire sneaks up on you while you are looking in the mirror. It is pretty fun killing the vampires and for Nintendo 64 owners wanting anything close to Resident evil. The monsters are fun to kill and the game has a wide variety of monsters wanting to suck your blood. It is a load of fun to play


This game can be very frustrating when you have to make jumps. When you reach the place with floating ice it can be very hard to make the almost impossible jumps. Then the pieces disappear every few seconds. It is very frustrating and it cause you to give up.

Replayability 9 out of 10

With two characters with different endings you will probably play the game again. Plus the three secret jewels you can get to play the difficulty on hard and change the two characters clothing. You will most likely play this game again to reveal the endings and to get the secret jewels.

Game Value 9 out of 10

Castlevania is a excellent game and should live up to you expectations. It has its moments of vampires popping out of no where, great storyline, and high replayability. It is worth the money that you pay for it and is reasonably priced in most stores. So if you are looking for a good and fun action game then Castlevania is the game for you.

Frightening 6 out of 10

In the mansion you visit everything is frightening. Especially when you meet your first vampire and when the villager turns into a vampire and tries to bite you. Another frightening part is when Frankenstein is chasing you through the garden maze with the two dogs and at every corner you wonder if he is on the other side with his chain saw. The music does not set a scary mood and that should of been changed before they put in he game. After the mansion there are not many frightening points. It did an all right job of trying to scare the victim, I mean player.

Overall 9 out of 10

Overall, Castlevania is a good game. The Nintendo 64 has finally got the Castlevania series out of the 2D games. Now finally you have a 3D world to explore and with two different endings! The game has good graphics, high replayability and has a high game challenge. It also has a good storyline to make the player wonder where do all of these characters fit in the developing story. This game is a good game to buy and makes you wonder "When are they going to make a sequel?"

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