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Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

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Reviewed by Jay Dryburgh As far as I know, this game didn't do to well as a Super Nintendo. Nobody (that I knew at least) wanted to spend money on a concept they thought "Would get tiring fast." Well, I saw the game in a local store, played it, and bought it on the spot.

Graphics B+

The graphics don't utilize the N64's real power, but for a game in the puzzle genre, I think they are pretty good. Look at Tetrisphere. The graphics aren't great-- but it provides hours of unique gameplay. The graphics are in 3-d for the most part, and most people overlook this, but the backgrounds are great. The characters are a tad cartoonish, but what do you expect a dinosaur to look like in a puzzle game.

Music and Sound B

What can I say? The sound is solid, but not a Star Wars masterpiece. The tunes are short little ditties, that have a pretty funky beat. After awhile, the music sort of gets annoying, but you can always turn it off. The music also goes faster as you get into stacks and stacks, almost gone. Not great, but not bad at all.

Game Challenge A+

You may be asking yourself, "Why is this guy telling me about how he bought this game if the average score so far is in the B's?" Well, this is the place that made buy the game. The Easy isn't too easy, the Normal not too hard, and the Hard not so devastating. The characters kind of taunt you back after a loss, dancing and smiling. But the challenge is not too hard and quick for first time players, and the Hard not as impossible as some games I know.

Game Play-Fun A

This game is pure fun, shooting bubbles too match three of the same colors and/or patterns together. You'll feel great when you destroy a whole level in two or three shots, and you'll feel very salty when you make a dumb matching mistake. The variety of boards makes this game fun and different every time you play it. Many a time I'll walk into the same game store aforementioned, and see kids playing it for the first time moving back in forth, jumping up and down, having so much fun as I did the first, and the last time I played (right before I wrote this review.) But that wasn't the last time ever...


Many people stay away from puzzle games because of the frustration factor. But this game will keep you coming back for more. You choose the path you take to get to the end, avoiding puzzles that gave you trouble, coming back to them in other games to kick the puzzle's sorry little butt. This is one of those games where you get so frustrated you quit-- only to come back five minutes later. And that is what makes or breaks most puzzle games.

Replayability A-

The replayability is good. You can choose multiple paths and your games will all be completely different. The difficulty levels also really help to alter the game every time. This does have a really good replay level compared

Game Value 50 out of 60

Lets face it: Nintendo games are WAY over priced. This is a great game and all, but that is a lot of money for a game.

Overall A

The graphics and sound are solid enough, and the play lots of fun. This one definitely is a keeper.

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