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Bomberman 64

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Reviewed by Kevin Date

Graphics 7.5 out of 10

Bomberman's graphics are quite good it has great mipp mapping and good textures on the polygons. The levels are quite large and detailed take black 3 for example, which takes so much exploration and is a lot of fun. Some bosses look so cool like Leviathon and Hades. Of course there are some problems like Bomberman is made of sprites not polygons but he is still fairly well animated, but often his face seems off his head. A part that deserve s a special mention is being able to make custom bomber's ones like the dragon look amazing, but putting Bomberman in a dress is always a great laugh.

Sound 9 out of 10

Bomberman's sound is around the best on the machine. You will soon be bombing to the beat in no time with an interesting bunch of tunes. Music on bosses are also quite good except maybe your showdown with Altair. Sound effects are quite good, like the explosions each bomb makes. It's just that it takes a back seat to the music

Gamplay 9.5 out of 10

The gameplay is fantastic. The levels are huge and take a hell of a lot of exploration and the array of Items is dizzing Fire increase, bomb increase, remote Bomb, power bomb, pumped bomb, skull, evil mask, block, pot. It is amazing I tell you there is more to the game than you think. There are at least FIVE different game endings all with a special secret in them. To fully complete the game it would take a hardcore gamer at least two months and a beginner maybe even a year. Oh I can't believe I forgot to tell you about the battle mode, it is a small environment where up to four bombers are placed in a small area and they have a desire to blow the others to Kingdom Kong is a lot of fun, Here is where you use you're custom bomber off a memory pak. There is 6 levels to start with but you get more depending your progress in Adventure mode.

Overall 8.5 out of 10

It would have gotten 9 if Super Mario 64 didn't exist. But Mario is still a better game.

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