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Reviewed by Josh Small Blitz is an extremely unique title for the N64. It is the first arcade title that has been made and hopefully more will be made. Nothing can compare with it. Bone crunching hits and big plays highlight this stellar game. The game was released September 12, 1998. The game was made by midway and has an NBA Jam like feel in the menu screens as well as simple gameplay. If you are looking for a simulation football game you have come to the wrong place. But sim fans I warn you do not be deceived this game is even one for them.

Graphics 7 out of 10

This game is not made in the graphics but they sure do help the game. While the graphics are above average with very detailed player faces and bodies the game runs on a medium rez engine and has an excuse. The animation is extremely smooth and the Bone crunching hits are very well animated. Their is never a hesitation in game play. While the game is lacking crowd animation the stadium art creates a nice feel. The graphics are above average.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

The music in this game is very surprising. Especially for a Midway game. The hits are especially well done with the sound almost making yourself want to hurt. The crowd is very live the whole and game and very loud. It gets you pumped up. On the field you can hear an assortment of phrases from the players like the quarterback asking for protection from his offensive line and different phrases from players on extremely hard hits which is basically all the time. The Announcer gets in on the action with such phrases as "what a bone crunching hit" and "what the hell is wrong with that guy." Oh ya the game does have some mild language but none to worry about. The music and sound is all very clear and the talking is a very nice feature.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

The game challenge for this title is out of this world. I guarantee anyone who has ever played this game will agree that you can get good at this game but it is impossible to blow out teams. Confused? Well heres how it is your playing the game for the first time and you are at halftime siting pretty with a 17 to 3 lead and you have let the other team only gain 50 total yards. You come into the next half and you will be blown away. The Computer AI increases its play by 150 percent and will quickly make it a game again. The game is always in doubt until the final second ticks off the clock. Overtimes are a norm in this game and last second victories will send you spinning in circles or make you cry for hours (trust me). Truly one of the most challenging games I have ever played. You will play it for hours and it will not bore you.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

If you are thinking why would I get this game I would just throw it away like all those other NBA Jam and Hangtime titles. Well think no more my friends this is football not puny basketball and the hits are ferocious. From body slams to power bombs at times this game will seem like the world wrestling federation. However players never get injured and never get tired (except when you run out of turbo during the play but it is replenished on the following play). One player can hit another player as many times as the want or they feel are needed after the play is over and after the other player scores. The gameplay is very fast and was very well done(for a medium rez game). The challenge of the game and very fun 2 player mode (sorry no 4 player) make for lots of fun and hours of replay.

Rumble Pak 4 out of 10

The gameplay is so incredible and the hits are so unreal who needs a rumble pak. The game does not rumble very hard but it does rumble often. The light rumbling is lost in your thoughts as you are drawn in to the game.


Over all the great gameplay and great challenge the game can frustrate. Example, up by 3 with 6 seconds to go you've won right? Well sometimes you could be wrong. A little dump pass over the middle by the computer and a couple of broken tackles and the computer is gone for a 70 yard touchdown and all your hard work and extreme concentration has gone to waste. However with experience you can learn to seal off games and come through with late victories of your own to throw it back in the computers face. The only other big frustration is that after going the full length of a game (four quarters, and 3 overtimes) if it is still tied the win will be given to the computer. This can frustrate even the lightest at heart. With time these frustrations can be eliminated.

Replayability 8 out of 10

The replay value in Blitz is very good. With quick games, fast game play, great challenge and a fun 2 player mode can turn boring Friday and Saturday nights into long drawn out battles with friends and intense competition with the computer. However during the season mode the game tends to get boring but heres a tip. Take a break! Come back and the game will seem as intense as before.

Game Value 9 out of 10

Lets think about this for a second. You go to the arcade to play Blitz and you use gas getting there and each game cost 1 buck. Well save some trouble on having to go to the arcade and just play 60 games on the cartridge and you will have the price of the game match how many games you would play in the arcade. Then you would play more. Sounds economical to me.

Overall 9 out of 10

Blitz is not a simulation football game period. So don't whine when you find out its not. In my opinion though why need a sim football game when you could get an arcade one with all the good NFL players and twice the fun and action. Plus the game has a nice play editor which could add replay value. A sure plus when owning this game is a memory pack. Maybe even 2 because this game takes a lot of saving and believe me you will want to save your information. This game is very impressive and a very nice alternative to such games as Madden and Quarterback Club. I defiantly recommend this game to any football fan.

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