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Blast Corps

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Reviewed by Bryan Tran Blast Corps was developed by Rare for the N64 and can use the controller pak but there is no support for the rumble pak. Although very little was known about the game during its early development, Blast Corps instantly became a hit with many types of gamers. This is mainly because the game is very addictive. The reason for this: your mission is to destroy EVERYTHING! Actually, the game is a little bit more complicated than that.

Graphics 9 out of 10

The graphics in Blast Corps are absolutely amazing, as with every Rare game. Blast Corps has crisp, smooth, polygonal environments that can be viewed from different overhead angles. The buildings collapse with great animation, and explode with extreme detail from the exploding debris to the fleeing survivors. The introduction sequences were also very well detailed, from the lights in the windows of the buildings, to the skid marks made from the Backlash.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

The sounds in Blast Corps are truly amazing. From the loud explosions to the soft hum and whir of the J-Bomb's jetpacks, Rare really put some emphasis on the sound in this game. The music in the levels just seem to fit, and I find myself going back to play levels just to listen to the music. The voices were also very well done, and sounded very realistic. I also notice that the sound is very loud. Even if you put the television volume low, it is still loud. The vehicle sounds were a good addition, from the police car's siren to the Backlash's skidding.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

Blast Corps is a very challenging game, with so many secrets and different things to do, Blast Corps will keep you busy for months. The Platinum times are the hardest thing to get in this game, as you can get Platinum medals in every level. I, so far only have 12 Platinum medals, and I have quite a lot to go, being there are 50+ levels in the game, including all the planets. Overall, the challenge factor in Blast Corps is very, very high.

Game Play-Fun 9.5 out of 10

The found that the Blast Corps game is really fun. There are so many secrets to be found, and with the scientist that you have to find, that makes the game a lot more fun. The funniest level I found are the Pac-Man type levels. There are also many bonus races, with short-cuts and secrets even in these. For some reason, 1 level in Blast Corps is about as much fun as you would get with a whole Cruis'n USA game. Also, the many different vehicles makes the game a bit more complicated and a lot more fun.


The only thing frustrating I found with Blast Corps is with the "bird's eye view." There is no way you can not have the view overhead. This I found frustrating. I also find frustrating are the different camera angles. They are not that confusing, but sometimes you have to play around with it because the buildings obstruct your view, and once I made it even worse. Another thing frustration is that the levels all of a sudden go from easy, to extremely HARD! But that's about all I found frustrating with Blast Corps.

Replayability 9 out of 10

The re-play value for this game is very high. Why Because it's so much fun and a bit frustrating to keep playing the same level over and over until you get the Platinum medal. Also, after playing a race, if you go and try it again, a race course ghost will show up just like in Mario Kart. This represents you in your best race. I find myself playing Blast Corps until 2 am in the morning on a school night. Just trying to beat the level one last time, which becomes 5 last times, then becomes 15 last times, etc.

Game Value 9 out of 10

I think that Blast Corps is definitely worth its price. That's because of all the secrets to be found and all the different tasks there are, from trying to find a scientist, to trying to clear the runway for a space shuttle. Also, the great detail in the graphics and the sound makes the game a lot better. The Platinum levels were also a good addition, making gamers play for a long, long time before getting all the platinum medals.

Overall 9.5 out of 10

All in all, Blast Corps is a highly addictive game, and I think that every N64 owner should have their own copy of Blast Corps. If you don't have the money, at least give it a whirl on a rental.

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