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BattleTanx: Global Assault

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Reviewed by Scott Frisby Have you ever wanted to torch a city or instead, nuke it. With BattleTanx: Global Assault, you can do all the things in the first BattleTanx plus some. BattleTanx: Global Assault now brings the rest of the world into the war for survival. It also brings in some extra factors, like new tanks, new terrain which now has elevation, and best of all new weapons and armaments. It even has a cool logo in which a teddy bear has met the wrong end of an Inferno Tank. The new cities have lots of power ups and there are even narrow tunnels and, just to spoil it, there's even a secret level where you get to commandeer a warship. The story picks up shortly after the end of the first game. In the first game, there is a deadly virus which only affects women. When most of them are taken out, the remaining become leaders, like queens (QueenLords to be specific). They lead most of the gangs of men who are trying to survive. Which is where the other game goes through the war among the men. In this game, as the USA lies pretty much in ruins, there is one evil QueenLord who has discovered a secret power known as "The Edge" which can paralyze anything, and in large enough quantities, can possess minds. She sets out to find this child who is said to possess these powers. He just happens to be the son of the main character, Griffin. The boy is then kidnapped, and you must go on a quest which will take you to many places like Alcatraz or Paris. Use of deadly force is authorized.

Graphics: 8 out of 10

As opposed to many games, this one has pretty good graphics which help to imply the different landscapes in the world. Most of them show signs of decay or destruction, and the foggy air give the game a somewhat ominous touch, which is very much felt. You can, however see that the buildings are hollow, but in most cases, you're to busy destroying them to actually notice. Some of the objects do look kind of polygonal. The effects of the fires and the water are done quite well, and the weapons' graphics are reason enough to get this game. The nuke causes a large explosion with a shockwave in the sky and on the land, and you can almost feel it. The sky changes yellow for a short time thereafter. The graphics sometimes do cause trouble among themselves.

Music and Sound: 8 out of 10

The music takes on a kind of rock or heavy metal style, which usually fits the situation. The music never really gets annoying, because there are so many other distractions that it seems to sound different every time. The sound effects are awesome. The gushing sounds of the swarmer missiles or the sound of a tank firing from off in the distance, or even the sound of a Goliath Tank crushing a MotoTank, whatever the sound might be, it will always put you right in the center of the action. The strong explosions and frightening booms off in the distance will keep anyone on the edge of his/her seat.

Game Challenge: 10 out of 10

You had best watch your back, and your front and your sides as well. If you don't, you will fast become a statistic. Because of the different ranges and effects of weapons, anything could happen. You never know what to expect. You could be across the map from your opponent and get hit suddenly by one of his guided missiles, or you could be just on the other side of a building and get hit by The Edge and be paralyzed. You could be near the shore or on a bridge over a river. If you think you're safe, then tell me what you would like done with your charred remains, if there are any left. From the warships in the water, to the trains and automatic gun turrets on land. The world is no longer safe.

Game Play-Fun: 10 out of 10

This is every man's dream to be able to destroy the world with his own large gang of tanks. If you don't desire to blow up the world, the batten down the hatches and go for multi player, where you and up to three friends can duke it out on most all of the one player landscapes. You could team up on your friend and get that revenge you need on him for stealing the girl you most rightfully deserve, or you can just kill him for the hell of it! There are many modes of multi player. You can go all out with TankWars, where you and your group of tanks (which regenerate after they're killed) go out to kill as many of the enemy tanks as possible in 3 minutes. There's Convoy, where players can either escort the convoy, or try to destroy it. Using he Edge in single player to possess the computer players' tanks is the best, though.

Rumble Pak: 10 out of 10

Well, no matter how badly you want me to write a long paragraph, there's not much to say about using the N64 Rumble Pak, except that it kicks butt. You can feel every little hit, with just the right power. You can feel the tremendous power as the nuke explodes, or maybe even if your tank exploded.


I found that the game would be really easy in some parts, but then it would be really difficult--almost impossible--in others. It got really frustrating where I would get to a point where I couldn't find the right weapons for the job. It got frustrating to a daunting extreme when it got to a stalmate-type of situation when the enemy was just around the corner, and the first to try to make a move would get murdered. There really isn't much more I have to say about frustration.

Replayability: 9 out of 10

I still play it, even though I've been through the entire game about fifteen times. The best thing that keeps me coming back for more, are all the multi player options, like TankWars and Convoy, and BattleLord (capture the flag BattleTanx-style). The computer players can provide enough of a challenge. I'm getting tired now, and I can't think of any more to say about replayability, except it is a good party game.

Game Value: 7 out of 10

I don't think that it was one of those "Million Sellers" really quickly, and actually, I'm not sure if it ever made it to that mark. The price we paid, $59.99 was a little more than it was worth. I would say that a fair price would be somewhere about $39.99. I would, however, recommend it if you could get it for no more than about $50. Don't let the fact that it was the worst rating I gave to any category in this game get you, because it is an awesome game.

Customizable: 9 out of 10

The Controller button settings are customizable which allows you to have it your way, and there is a list of options which will affect gameplay quite a bit. Like power up regeneration, infinite ammo, and so on...

Overall: 9.7 out of 10

Overall, I have to say that the graphics, control, gameplay, options, and sound all come together to make for quite an interesting game. Everything about it has something special than can be done from weapons bursts to passwords to the BattleTanx: Global Assault logo (The teddy bear, remember?). Buy this before you buy those 1st person shooters or Mario Party (or MP2 or MP3). The world will never be the same.

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