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All-Star Baseball '99

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Reviewed by Shane Kups I purchased my N64 just after Christmas and waited very patiently for a baseball game to be release. Checking the web everyday for any info I could find, the list finally appeared. I read everything and anything on the three baseball games which were going to be released. I then purchased the game I thought to been the game to buy. And now here I am to tell everyone why I chose All-Star Baseball '99, the only REALISTIC baseball game out there.

Graphics 10 out of 10

To compare the graphics to the other two baseball games is not very fair. The graphics are amazing. My dad walk into my room and saw me playing and asked what was I watching. The detailing of the players is truly high res and the players are comparable to the real life physique. (Ex: Albert Belle and The Big hurt are huge) The previewing of the stadium before the game is so real it is like you are there. I could talk all day how real everything looks but I think you get the point.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

The seventh inning stretch music sound good, the Anthems in the beginning of the game are also adequate but the short version of Oh Canada takes a little getting used to. (It starts at an off note) The crowd noise is just that muffled noise. Ken Griffy may have the crowd screaming "hot dog over here" but that becomes very annoying very fast. The other minor sounds which add to the game (players sliding, crack of the bat) again add to the realism of the game.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

I managed to get up to a 9 game winning streak before getting slaughtered by Chicago (AL). Sure you can pick off a runner if he steps past the umpire or throw a pitch out when the batter squares up to bat for an easy strike but whatever. Those people who do that are cheaters because they cannot beat the computer otherwise. I find that the stronger teams are hard to beat and the weaker teams you can beat. With the option of a player draft to change up the entire league, gives challenge to have different teams that will dominate during different seasons.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

The four player option is excellent. Four players on the same team or split up the players among two teams. This feature is a must if you have lots of people wanting to play at once. The homerun derby is okay. Four players again pit themselves against one another to see who has the long ball. It does get a little boring but with the wrong player in the wrong park, the long ball is quite the challenge.

Rumble Pak 6 out of 10

I don't have a rumble pak but I have borrowed one for a couple of days for the game. If you don't have a rumble pac and buy All-star, no need for the pac. The pack rumble when hitting the ball but not enough to add to the game. The pac also will rumble with pitching. If you move the pitching add outside the strike zone, it rumbles. (tips of the batter that the ball is going to be a ball) Overall, the rumble pac is not needed.


The stat error that everyone talks about. Just load your season twice and tada. Also, you are not able to keep the stats of the created player from game to game. (my created player hits two homers a game)

Replayability 8 out of 10

The option of an entire draft of every player on every team to make a whole new league. The create-a-player option is excellent for making your own team (if you wanted) The full MLB season adds up to 187 games of excitement (if your a stat freak like myself) with the possibility of winning various titles and trophies.

Game Value 8 out of 10

Yes and No, yes it is because of the overall games and stats and graphics as such. No because is any N64 game cheap when it first is released.

Memory Pack 9 out of 10

If you plan buying this game, purchased the memory pack. You WILL need it for everything. It does take up the entire pack's memory for the season but any baseball stat freak needs it. You also need it for the create-a-player and the season and play-offs.

Overall 9 out of 10

REALISM. REALISM. REALISM. If you like fast pace, in your fast action, shoot them up this game is not for you. If you like the real deal, the stats, the GRAPHICS of realism (throwing on the run, sliding into home, scaling the wall to rob a homerun) This game is for you. All-Star Baseball amazes me everyday with something I have not seen before. Almost forgot, the ultimate cheat, you vs. the aliens. Makes for a fun game. Gotta go the I pitching in the world series tonight.

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