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All Star Baseball '99

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Reviewed by Cameron Bird With three baseball titles for the N64 coming out in a matter of three weeks, it most likely seems difficult for baseball fans to decide which one to buy. For one, if you're a die-hard arcader and don't care about graphics as much as gameplay, you'll surely want to go out and buy "Mike Piazza Strikezone" or "Major League Baseball Staring Ken Griffey Jr." But if you are a die-hard baseball fan who has to have accurate statistics and realistic gameplay then you will rush out to purchase "All Star Baseball '99." For me, it was that choice because of my love for the sport.

Graphics 98 out of 100

The graphics on this game are the best I've seen in ANY sports game EVER! From start to finish you feel like you're standing right behind the batter as the sweat drips off your face. All 30 real ballparks look real down to the hot dog stand in Section H. With over 700 players you'd expect the features on the players to be all the same except for the skin color. But, actually, even the facial features on each player look different from any other player. With an all-new polygonal engine used by Acclaim, it gives the players a smooth skin look. And use of Hi-Rez graphics it adds an extra zest to the game.

Music and Sound 78 out of 100

I feel really disappointed in Acclaim for their choice of not using sound to pump up the gameplay. The crowd in the background seems to be all mutes until somebody hits a homerun. This is not good for Acclaim because Ken Griffey's game uses sound as its weapon. Although Acclaim didn't make a smart decision on this, there are still some notable sounds in this game. What is really cool is the play-by-play and color calls by New York Yankees broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay. They call almost every player in the game when they come up to bat.

Game Challenge 86 out of 100

Although this game may seem very difficult for most people the first few times they play it, after a few games they'll most likely be able to hit homers 1 out of 3 times they try. But most of the challenge in this game lies in the general manager standpoint. While you're playing a game you also have to think about how you're players are feeling and if you need to substitute them for a less tired or better player. But seriously now, it really isn't that hard unless you're playing without any hands!

Game Play-Fun 94 out of 100

Many hardcore gamers say that great graphics always take out the gameplay value. Well, the gameplay in this is the best I've ever seen in a baseball game. For instance, if you get tired of playing a game by yourself, you can just plug in three more controllers and get three of your best friend's together to play a game. But you'll never get tired of watching the same thing over and over again because Acclaim decided to add over 600 player motions to watch or control. And with a little work you can be able to make monster catches by just pressing a button. With unprecedented batting controls it makes it easily possible to push, pull, hit down or under the ball depending where you want to hit it. And when the 7-foot batter comes up and you don't want him to get the ball past you, jut press the B button to move your players back in the field. But don't worry, maybe with a specialty pitch that only your pitcher can pitch, he may not even hit it!

Rumble Pak 90 out of 100

Although not a big factor (usually) in sports games, the Rumble Pak was a nice addition to this game. It just feels like you're there at the ballpark when you feel the crack out the bat as it strokes across the leather ball. The only disappointment was that was about the only time the Rumble Pak was used in the game. Not a huge deal but it just seems like a waste of the battery in it!


The only problem that annoyed me while playing this I noticed was the difficulty to hit the ball. If you don't know, when the pitcher pitches the ball, you have to line up a fairly small circle with the hardly visible ball. It took me about an hour until I could really crank the ball out.

Game Value 97 out of 100

If you can't live without a realistic baseball game for N64 then go but it! I guarantee that if you are a die-hard fan of the sport then you will want to play this game over and over again. So for a suggested price of $59.95 I think it is greatly worth the price.

Overall 90 out of 100

With unbelievable graphics, average sound, and great gameplay I'm recommending "All Star Baseball '99" over its competitors. Why? It's because I'm a baseball player and fan. Maybe if I had never started playing the sport and didn't care about realism, I'd go for one of the other two. But I do, so there's nothing else to say except that I can't wait for next year's game!

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