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All-Star Baseball 99

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Reviewed by Ryan Scott This has to be the greatest baseball game ever made for any system so far. I got this game and as soon as I got home I started playing this game, the next time I looked at the clock I noticed that I had been playing for 7 hours. No game has ever glued me to the TV for longer than that. It is defiantly worth the $60, and even if you don't like sports games or baseball you should still get this game.

Graphics 99 out of 100

The graphics on this game has not been matched by any game so far in Nintendo. The only thing that I don't think are the best I've ever seen is when the batter swings, it doesn't look as real as everything else in the game. There is smooth movement by the players that I didn't see in Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Jriffey Jr.

Music and Sound 95 out of 100

The music is great until you get so annoyed by it that you turn it off. The announcers are pretty good until you learn how to hit home runs all the time and get tired of him saying the same thing every time. The sound effects are great, the sound of the bat, the sound of the slides, and the timing of the sound as to when something happens is perfect.

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

There are three game difficulties Rookie, Veteran, and All Star. In the game options menu there are two things that change the way you play, one is the fielding: manual, assist, and auto, the other is the pitch aid, its easier to pitch and bat with it on, but its hard to pitch and bat with it off. If you only play on rookie with the pitch aid on with auto fielding and call this game easy, you got something else coming. There are far more things in this game to do than you've done.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

All Star Baseball 99 is the most fun and addicting game that I have ever played. Even if you beat this game there are still more things to do and more fun to have. It is a very challenging and fun game that you play a lot.

Rumble Pak 80 out of 100

The rumble pak adds more realism to the game, but like every other game it bothers me, and I'd rather save my game than feel my game. If you like the rumble pak than use it, if you don't, don't.


On the harder settings the game gets very frustrating, especially when you are used to scoring 25 to 30 runs a game on the easiest settings. When you can score many runs and win every time on All Star with no pitch aid and manual feilding then your a pro.

Replayability 100 out of 100

Again and again you will play this game and it will never get boring maybe in about three years you won't play this game, but ever since I got it it hasn't been out of the N64.

Game Value 110 out of 100

I'd pay $75 for this game if that's what it cost, but it only cost $60. It's defiantly worth it.

Overall 100 out of 100

The best game for N64 right now I think is All Star Baseball 99. If your looking for a baseball game, don't buy Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. or Mike Piazza's Strike Zone, get All Star Baseball 99.

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