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Aerofighters Assault

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Reviewed by Stryker A jet fighter game from the makers of Pilotwings? Sounds exciting. It gathered a lot of attention with the names developing it. But don't be fooled. This game, with it's half-baked plot, drab graphics, music that sounds vaguely like Mega Man X, is not a Pilotwings. Gee, the "Phutta Morgana" criminal organization (nice name you moron) has detonated a "Thermal bomb" in the north pole and flooded the coastal cities of the world. And they happen to have lots of planes and aircraft carriers, and the UN happens to be so lazy all they send is four, "supersecret" planes, the Aerofighters team. None of the US's fleet of B2 bombers, no atomic bombers, nothing. Four stinking planes fighting for the world. A "Multicultural" group including stereotypical men is your choices. A "rad" surfer dude, a Japanese ninja man, a Russian tall guy, and a thin lady. They all utter stereotypical lines that never cease to annoy. Well, enough with that. Here's my graphic cutdowns, I mean review.

Graphics 6 out of 10

It seems that AA sacrificed their graphic powers for sound bytes and gameplay. It's nothing like the 64-bit technology can create. It's worse than Pilotwings. The planes are.... pastel? How do i describe it? The planes look bad. Very small details. The buildings are gray and boring. Even the character photos look dumb. This game looks like a very good 16-bit cart. 64 bits on this stuff? You could probably stuff this and Mischief Makers on the same cart and still have room! Now for my assault, ah, I mean thoughts, on music.

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

This is truly strange. The music sounds like Mega Man X. It's the same kind of drama fluff other than the similar tunes in the first two levels. There's simply no describing something so.... so..... mediocre. The sound bytes, on the other hand, get VERY annoying. The surfer dude goes "Bummer, that's bogus" when he crashes, and you are forced to watch a lengthy crash sequence. The Russian guy, Volk, says deep voice stuff like "Ready to serve," "Now you will die," and "Dos vedona." The Japanese moron keeps talking in rapid voices Japanese stuff. The lady says simply bluthering stuff. "Bombs away" she hollers, and it sounds like she pieced the line together from ten days of talk.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

This, my friends, is the reward for the setbacks in music, sound, graphics and plot. The challenge! Admittedly, I did reach the third level of the game. That is around 2/5 of the game. But, each level takes a lot of bonuses. To access the three bonus levels, you'll need to kill all enemy threats, make it through unscathed which is impossible, refrain from using your special and defense weapons, do it very fast, keep your wingmen alive, and countless others. It's easy enough to not fire off your special/defense weapons, but the other hurdles are downright nuts. Randomly, the aircraft controller barks out your wingman is in deep trouble. She gives a bunch of numbers, like a thousand elevation, three o clock, and it's impossible to reach your buddies. The defense weapons are nearly useless. Enemy fire is thick as pea soup. It's challenging. And that saves this game from status like Cruisin USA, Mischief Makers, and all the n64 Mortal Kombat titles.

Game Play-Fun 6 out of 10

Not fun. There's a ton of options. Boss attack, facing computer-controlled AI pilots, flying through rings, and two-player. The two-player is very bad. There's a big world, a small radar that uses purple/blue blips even though the radar is blue/purple, and 90% of the time you won't see your enemy. The one-player levels are decently fun, especially the second level where you basically go around blasting ships and subs with no defense. But the first is too easy. Oh well....


Poor graphics. Poor music, Poor multiplayer. The Vs. boss practice where there's green spheres and an unmoving target boss. Stereotype characters, dumb sound bytes. Unreadable radar in two player.

Game Value 5 out of 10

Nope. Not worth it. It just isn't worth it. Regular price, sub-regular game.

Overall 58 out of 100

It's not good. It's not horrible. And I hope it's not bought either.

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