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Automobile Lamborghini

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Reviewed by Slimu Automobile LamborghiniŐs graphics are probably one of the best graphics so far for any Nintendo racing game. Although in some spots, like when you are riding around in the city, there is a lot of fog. Another cool graphical feature is the skid marks. They actually stay there in this game. If you leave some nasty skid marks there and you come back the next lap, they will still be there, just as nasty! As far a sound effects go, they arenŐt that bad. Either is the music. When you are select your car and all of that other good stuff, the tunes are pretty catchy. When you are actually racing you donŐt even hear the music because you are so into the game! For extreme racers only, this game would be easy. When I played and I was in Novice and on the second level I came in last every time! I think that the control for this game take a little while to get used to and once mastered make this game a little easier. The control in this game is VERY quick! Just a touch of the Nintendo joystick and your car is through a turn. Other than that, the control is easy. My dad, who has NEVER played a Nintendo game in his life almost beat me the first time he actually played! After you play this game for about 5 minutes the control will become much, much easier. This game is also compatible with the Rumble Pak. When I plugged it into my dadŐs controller and he felt it vibrate, he told me and my mom, and we said, Yeah Right. Then it Rumble again and he said, This game is too real for me and put the controller down and walked away. A cool feature in this game is the multiple split screens. You can have it vertical or horizontal, what ever you prefer. All in all, Automobile Lamborghini, is a very fun game to play, especially in multiplayer mode. Although the graphic quality goes down in the multiplayer mode, their is no slow down, even when the roads get a bit congested. When you first play it donŐt judge it the first time you try to turn and you bash into a wall and mess up your car. Give it some time and you will probably have a good time for a while.

Graphics 9.5 Sound 6.0 Controls 9.5 Challenge 8.9 Replay 9.8 Overall 9.4

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