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Reviewed by (EniGmA) Well!!!! Tennis on the NES!!!!!! well........Tennis on the NES well..........Tennis on....the NES...Who cares?! Why don't we all go out and play REAL tennis? Anyway, Tennis could have been a little better. No, a LOT better! Check out this review, my friends....

Graphics 5 out of 10

First of all, the graphics in Tennis aren't really that detailed... However, the animation is pretty good, but nobody will really notice that through the bad graphics. This almost can qualify for an Atari game! Anyway, your different opponents are just palette swaps of each other, and the audience consists of three repeatedly used heads.

Music and Sound 3 out of 10

There is barely any music, but the music that IS in the game isn't really anything special. It's just some high-pitched 'happy' music. The sound could have been WAY better since there are only TWO sounds used in the tennis match and they both stink. The sound effect for hitting the ball is a 'beep' and if the referee calls an out or something you hear a 'bleebeep!' It's completely unrealistic!

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 10

This game is only so-so. All you do is play three rounds against the cpu. You can also play a doubles game. Whoever wins gets the trophy. The End. That's it. All you really do is run back and forth and hit the ball which is really hard to do since your swing is so slow you need to swing before the ball gets near you to hit it! There are five difficulty levels, but all it does is change your opponent's color and makes the game go faster. That's it. Oh, Mario is the referee, but that's the only point of interest here.

Realism 3 out of 10

Okay, You are playing Tennis, right? I might as well add this category since this video game's only competitor is going outside and playing actual tennis, so we should see if this game gives you a realistic experience at least. Well, it doesn't! On easy mode, the ball just floats around after you hit it, and on hard mode, the ball flies past you like it were a bullet. Also, as I mentioned before, the sound effects aren't good plus the AI is sometimes dumb.

Overall 3 out of 10

Just go out and play regular tennis. This game could have been MUCH better, as it delivers only a ho-hum experience.

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