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Super C

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Reviewed by Brian Super Contra in my humble opinion is one of the greatest games ever for ANY system(including all the fancy, high quality graphic machines of today). After nine years of having the game I still sometimes plug in the old NES to play Super C. I can still beat the game with out the ten man code. If you have a reachable friend drag him/her over to play this addictive game.

Graphics B

In today's world, Super C's graphics looks like something I flushed down the toilet, but in 1990, the graphics were as complex and mind blowing as ours of today. Well the guys are plain and the background is repeated and dull, but i never minded for graphics and they don't bother me a bit.

Music and Sound A

The best rhythmic beeps that Nintendo had to give. The tunes are catchy, but are not as remarkable as Zelda's music. They may be beeps and clanks, but i like them. The noises are not really realistic but are close enough and is some thing that can't be a nuisance to you while playing the game.

Game Challenge A+

This is where the Konami Contra series begins to place itself into the elite category of game. Early on, I could not beat the game with the ten man code on, barely the first level without it. As you play more and more of thee game, you get better and better. It is not one of those push over games that in one hour you have won, are bored, and are done. The original Contra had more traps, but Contra has more zaps(things shooting at you) and still has enough ambushes that with a lack of reflexes as fast as light speed you are going to be found face down in a ditch somewhere.

Game Play-Fun A++

This game is euphoria in an old plastic box. The challenge is thick but not over whelming so you won't suffocate under the pressure. All the aspects of the game combine to be maybe the funniest game ever. I still drool over a Contra for 64, even though it probably won't happen. The only problem for me is in the last level there is an easy Red Falcan (end boss) right after an extremely difficult part of the game. Well, I guess a tough boss would cause to many minds exploding after the odyssey of the game.


Early (like in '91) the game sometimes got under my skin. As you get good enough to beat the game regularly you hardly get frustrated. Now it sometimes bothers me when i make some dumb mistakes, but I have so much fun with this game.

Replayability A+

I probably beat the game over a hundred time and i still never get bored with the game. The challenge is their, a little weaker than originally but still there. After you beat the game you can play the again continuing with your previous score, I always try break a million, it take me four times of beating it, but I do it. I will never, ever come close to getting bored with the game.

Game Value A

Its like five bucks to buy for an eternity of joy. A perfect game for me. I never get bored and I always enjoy. If you are picky about graphics and stuff like that, you might not like the game as much as I do, but instead of risking sixty bucks on a possible flop, pay 5 for the sure thing.

Overall 10 out of 10

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